Christmas in New Zealand: Christmas shoppers Shocked as Earth Quake hit Christchurch

Published by Gerald Ferreira Date: December 23, 2011
Categories: General News

Shoppers today left their shopping bags in stores as they ran for cover during the latest earth quakes to hit Christchurch. Today 23 December 2011: New Zealand has once again experienced earth quakes close to 6.0 magnitudes on the Righter Scale.

According to witnesses and residents from the Christchurch area, cars needed to pull over; Telephone and Power Poles shook during the Earth Quake.

With the Christmas close many people were doing their last Christmas shopping and had to leave their shopping for a later day. As many Malls and Shopping Centers closed. Office workers also jumped for cover during the Earth Quake as office building swayed and shook during the tremor.

Instead of Schools having a “Snow Day” Pre-Schools were closed and evacuated.