Christmas Gift from Google+ Business Pages comes early


For those of you who have started using Google+ Business pages, Google today announced 3 very positive steps in the development of the Google+ pages.


One of the major problems businesses had since starting using Google+ Business pages were the fact that the users who have originally created the Google+ Business page were the only one with administrative rights to manage the Google+ Business page.

For small businesses this were not really an issue as there is usually just one or two people that needed to update their Google+ pages. Big Businesses however that wanted to use Google+ Business Pages and have their support personnel or their social media experts working on the Google+ pages on the same time could not!

Instead of waiting to roll-out this significant improvement in 2012. Google+ Business Pages have given thousands of companies an early Christmas present and reason to celebrate the New Year with this big improvement in the Google+ Business Pages system.

Now companies can add up to 50 Managers to help manage their Google+ Business pages. Here at 3D Car Shows we only have 2 or 3 people working on our Google+ pages but with this change it is even going to make our work so much easier.

We have included a short video from the engineers at Google. Explaining how and what the new changes to the Google+ Business pages are.

Improvements on Google+ Business Pages

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