Christmas Cards from Gmail


In this article you can read more about the history of Christmas Cards and also how to send a modern day Christmas card making use of the Google Call a Santa Christmas Card service to wish your loved ones, friends and family Happy Holidays.

Short History about Christmas Cards:

Christmas Cards are a tradition dating back to way before 1843. In 1843 the first recording of the commercial Christmas cards date back 168 years ago when a printer from London in the United Kingdom printed the first commercial Christmas Cards. It was 32 years later when the first Commercial Christmas Cards were printed in the United States of America.

Traditionally the Christmas card would read “wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”. Since the 18th Century Christmas cards have come a long way. Today you will find modern Christmas cards with modern photography, images and cartoons.

Why do people send Christmas Cards?

Traditionally Christmas cards were sent by Christians to fellow Christians marking the Birth of Jesus Christ. During this period Christians all over the world celebrates the Birth of their savior Jesus Christ. The Christmas card became anonymous with people wishing each other a Good Christmas and a Happy new year.

Are Christmas Cards only sent by Christians?

In the first years, Christmas cards were exchanged by Christians to fellow Christians. Other non-Christians also soon afterwards started sending out Christmas Cards as well, Instead of saying “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”. These Christmas Cards became Happy Holiday cards. Instead of spreading the message of Jesus Christ’s birth, it now celebrates the Holidays which fall at the time of the year. For non Christians the Holiday Seasons card is more about the New Year.

None the less it is always good to get a Post card, Christmas card or Happy Holiday Card from someone during this period. It is good to know that the person whom have send the card, were thinking about you and your family over the Christmas Holiday Season period.

Modern Day Christmas Cards send over the internet

The internet has had a huge impact on the way people send and receive Christmas Cards. I am not sure if a study has been conducted about this. But in our offices and homes we have received much less traditional Christmas cards than what we did receive 5 years ago. Instead of sending Christmas Cards through the postal services, many people now make use of E-mail or Video Christmas Cards.

During the Christmas period Google are providing people the opportunity to send Free Christmas Cards to their friends, family and loved ones. The Christmas card can be customized and contains a short video of a cartoon Santa Clause wishing the person by name a happy holiday season.

Although the service have just launched many people have started using the Gmail Call a Santa Christmas card to wish their families, friends and loved one’s a merry Christmas.

Send a Free Santa Christmas Card with Gmail

Santa Christmas Card

If you would like to send your friends, families or loved one’s happy holidays you can make use of the Google Gmail Call a Santa web site. Using the

“Send a Call from Santa”

services you can send a Modern Ultra Cool Christmas Card.