Christmas 2012 Google Easter Eggs


Google Christmas Decorations


Today December 18, 2012 if you visit the Google Search engine and search for “Christmas” you will find Google’s latest Easter Eggs. Just like Christmas 2011 it looks like Google are set to entertain the world with Christmas Decorations when one search for certain terms in Google. To view the Google Christmas Decorations and Easter Egg’s simply search for “Christmas” and you will see the top of the Search Engine results decorated with Christmas Decorations.

It feels good to visit the Google Search results for “Christmas” and to see the “Christmas Decorations” on the page. In my opinion it helps to create the Christmas spirit online. It would however have been nice if there was a Christmas song playing on the page or if the Christmas decorations were more graphical than for Christmas 2011 and I feel Google could have done better Christmas Decorations for Christmas 2012.

Christmas Decorations on Google Search Results

If you would like to see more of these Christmas decorations simply search for any of the words in the list below:

  • Christmas gifts
  • Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Songs
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Christmas Food

At first I thought that the “Christmas” in front of the search term is a trigger that display the Christmas Decorations but when I searched for “Christmas traditions” and “Christmas fun” the Christmas Google decorations did not show up!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

During Christmas 2011 Google displayed a special Christmas Easter Egg on the search term let it snow. Millions of people searched for the term “let it snow” to see their screens frost up and snow appearing on their computer screen. It is always nice to have a white Christmas and the Google doodle likely made people want it to snow more than ever and quickly become one of the most search terms for the Christmas period in 2011.

I have just searched to see if the “Let it Snow” Google Easter egg is still active and it seems like it is not, making me wonder if Google are going to have a let it snow Google Easter egg this Christmas, if not Google is likely to have another surprise lined up for us over this Christmas Season.


On December 10, 2012 Google started playing around with the Festivus Christmas Easter Egg. On the day if you searched for


 there was a Christmas Tree Pole on the left hand side of the Google Search Results. The Christmas Pole did not have any decorations on it, and the tree were also missing from the Christmas Tree Pole.

Today December 18, 2012 when I searched again for “Festivus” the Christmas Tree Pole on the left hand side of the search results were missing. Instead there was a new Festivus Easter Egg on the “Festivus” search term simply saying “A Festivus Miracle! About  2,420,000 results.” showing the Dry humor side of Google.


As it gets closer to Christmas we are expecting Google to come out with more surprises this holiday season.

The Nutcracker Ballet Google Doodle

In the Christmas spirit and in true Google Tradition today’s Google Doodle celebrated the 120th year after the first appearance of the “Nutcracker Ballet”. In an article earlier today we talked about the

Nutcracker Ballet

Google Doodle.


It maybe coincidence but I doubt it that the Nutcracker Ballet Google Doodle were displayed today. The Nutcracker Ballet is about a Christmas Party and I have a feeling that the Nutcracker Ballet Google Doodle were specifically picked as part of Google’s built up to Christmas!

To everyone celebrating the Christmas Holidays we wish you a “Merry Christmas” and a Happy New Year!