Christchuch New Zealand Santa Arrives


    If you want to track the wereabouts of Santa Clause this Christmas Season. Check out the NORAD site. Norad is a Goverment organization between both Canada and the United States. To provide air defence and air tracking systems in the United States of America and Canada. Their technologies are capable of tracking air traffic around the world.

    For the past 50 years Norad have also been tracking Santa. Afterall Santa uses his deer to fly around the world on Christmas Eve to deliver his presents to all the Good Boys and Girls. Legend goes that Santa only have 24 hours to deliver his presents.

    The Norad system tracks Santa Clause as it turns Christmas Eve all over the world. According to Norad Santa is now in Christchuch New Zealand. If you live in Christchuch you may want to look out your window and see if you can see Santa Clause. He should be in the area right now!

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    web site. The Norad map systems are powered by Google Maps

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