Chocolate Covered Strawberries 2012


According to Google Trends one of the hottest search terms this year for Valentine’s Day include chocolate covered strawberries. Over the last 3 days the search term “chocolate covered strawberries” were one of the top 20 search terms in Google Trends. You can either decide to buy your love one chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day or you can make it yourself.

We recommend that you treat your valentine with homemade chocolate covered strawberries. Not only will they appreciate it more because it were handmade but it will also offer you the satisfaction of knowing that you have made something special for your valentine.

To make your own chocolate covered strawberries you will need to prepare for it at least 3 hours before you plan to serve your home made chocolate covered strawberries.

  1. Fresh strawberries.
  2. Chocolates (Baking Chocolate Chips or Chocolate Bars).
  3. You can use either Brown Chocolate or White Chocolate.

These are the basic stuff that you will need to make your own home made Chocolate covered strawberries. If you want to you can use some baking decorations and even cream to dip the chocolate covered strawberries with before serving it.

How to make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

  1. Melt the Chocolate in a Microwave or boiling in a separate container. You can watch the YouTube video for more information about melting the chocolate.
  2. Once the Chocolate have melted you can dip the strawberries one by one into the melted chocolates.
  3. You can place the chocolate covered strawberries onto a plate, after you are done place the plate into a fridge. (This will make the chocolate set, and give the strawberries a cold fresh taste).
  4. You can take the strawberries out of the fridge 10 minutes before serving.

To make chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day is very easy, and something special that your valentine will appreciate once they find out that you have made it yourself from scratch. You can spice up things by using baking decorations, white chocolate and cream.

Another great add on for your chocolate covered strawberries might include a bottle of red wine and pampering hot tub bath.

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