Chinese New Year 2012 in the United Kingdom, London


    Many Chinese Students and Immigrants to the United Kingdom will celebrate the “Chinese New Year” 2012 in a mix of Western World and Chinese Culture. In London Chinese people will head to the Trafalgar Square where some of the biggest festivals outside China will be held today.

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    Trafalgar Square celebrations include a live show by Chinese performance artists and dancers. Today Central London will come alive with many Chinese Immigrants and Students celebrating the Chinese New Year 2012.

    Chinese New Year 2012 Parade in London, UK

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    Some of the festivities in London will include a Chinese New Year 2012 Parade. The parade will start at the Trafalgar Square 10:30 am and go through China Town ending in Rupert Street an hour later. If you want to experience the biggest annual event in the Chinese Culture you may want to make your way to Trafalgar Square to experience some of the Chinese New Year.

    After the Chinese New Year Parade festivities will move back to Trafalgar Square where the Mayor of London and the President of China Town will participate in another important event in the Traditional Chinese New Year Celebrations. The Mayor of London and President of China Town will take part in the “dotting of the eye” ceremony. The ceremony is supposed to bring all the dragons and lions to life.

    After the ceremony the crowds will be entertained for free with hundreds of performers, dancers and acrobats performing and entertaining! The Chinese New Year at Trafalgar Square in the United Kingdom is a must visit for not only Chinese who Celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year 2012 but also people from other cultures that wish to learn more about the Chinese Culture.


    Tourists visiting the UK can also join in the Chinese New Year 2012 festivities for a different experience of the UK and its multi-culture. There will also be a Fireworks Display.

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    Happy New Year 2012 to all our Chinese Readers!