Chinese New Year 2012: End one week before Valentine’s Day


    Chinese New Year 2012If you were wondering when the Chinese New Year 2012 celebrations are going to stop this year you might be surprised to know that the Chinese New Year is celebrated for 15 days and not just for 1 day like New Year is Celebrated by most European Countries. The Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays in China and many Chinese Workers or Immigrants to foreign countries will use this time to travel back to China and their homes within China. This also rings true to China’s large workforce taking the Chinese New Year as part of their annual leave.

    The Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year or Spring Festival as it is sometimes called see millions of people migrating (Going Home) for the holidays. As a result many small businesses that import directly from China have been experiencing some difficulty with their normal business as a result of the Chinese New Year Celebrations.

    According to some small business owners that we spoke to they have prepared for some of their Chinese workers to take leave over the Chinese New Year period but were however not fully prepared for imports that they did not get done before the Chinese New Year period, as a result many business owners were concerned about their “Valentine’s Day” gifts and stock will not arrive on time for Valentine’s day.

    Valentine daySome of the small business owners that we spoke to said that they have faith that their products and gifts will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day. Some businesses in China only close and work on skeleton staff part of the holiday. Economic times are difficult all across the world and it seem like many people in China cannot afford to take 2 weeks off from work.

    We have also spoken to some of the bigger corporations and they did not have any concern about their Valentine’s Stock arriving late for Valentine’s Day.

    One of these businesses said that they have been in business for more than 25 years. In these 25 years they have never experienced late stock arrival and Valentine’s gifts from China. We have always been aware of the impact that the Chinese New Year have on local businesses and usually ship our Valentine’s Day stock well in advance.

    Still many small businesses doing business for the first time with Chinese companies over the Chinese New Year period may have been caught off Guard by the Chinese New Year 2012 celebrations.

    One of the Business owners had the following advice for Business Owners experiencing their first Chinese New Year trade. Many companies in China will be open over the Chinese New Year period. It is not only in Europe and in the US people are feeling the economic crunch. If you’re supplier is closed you might want to try alternative suppliers over the Chinese New Year period. It is likely that there will be a similar supplier being open over the Chinese New Year 2012 period.

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