Chinese New Year: 2012


    Chinese New Year 2012The Chinese New Year is good for business and retailers. For Centuries in the Chinese New Year Culture it’s custom for elders to give small red envelopes with cash to the younger members of their family.

    Business people also use the time of the Chinese New Year to give their employees money and bonuses. They believe is that if you give over the Chinese New Year you will be blessed and granted the opportunity to prosper and will have good fortune for the coming year.

    Recent Chinese New Year buying trends show that Chinese people are starting to give more expensive gifts over the Chinese New Year period and not just giving cash and money. Instead of giving a business associate money business people are giving Gold, Wine and other Luxury items. This year is the year of the Dragon according to the Chinese Zodiac and believes. Retailers have caught on the new trend of not just giving money in little red envelopes but also gifts branded with the dragon!

    In Chinese Culture the Dragon represents Imperial Power, Prosperity and Good Luck. Instead of giving someone money they can now give a person a watch with a dragon engraving on it. Shoes with the Dragon Icon on it, and even Gold Medallions, Wine or other memorabilia engraved or embossed with the Chinese New Year 2012 Dragon on it!

    Chinese New Year 2012

    Chinese New Year 2012The Chinese New Year Dragon is a highly marketable item. It is easy to integrate a logo of a dragon in almost every conceivable product. Already you can buy stickers, T-Shirts, Iphone Covers, Shoes, Small Statues, Gold and Silver coins, watches and many more products with the Chinese New Year Dragon logo on it! Millions of consumers worldwide have already shown a big interest in these Chinese New Year products and anything with a dragon this year will make a big fashion statement.

    Chinese New Year 2012 T-ShirtMany news sources have reported that the demand of Gold in China have also increased just before the Chinese New Year and it is believed that this increased demand is directly related to the Chinese New Year 2012 Gold products and gifts demand.

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    To all our readers “Happy Chinese New Year 2012”