China: The Peugeot RCZ receives three major awards


3 months after its launch in China, the Peugeot RCZ has received three awards during the Canton Motor Show.

peugeot car award

The website, one of the most popular and heavily trafficked sites in China, awarded RCZ the “Imported Cool Car of the Year”.

This award, granted to RCZ by one of the top 10 most frequented sites in China and in the top 50 internet sites worldwide, should further strengthen the reputation of this model and the image of the Brand amongst the almost 500 million internet users in China (source: Internet World Stat).

The newspaper, Southern Metropolis Daily, a major newspaper in Canton and within the region, has granted RCZ the award of “Imported Sports Car of the Year”.

And finally, the Chinese edition of the celebrated automobile magazine Top Gear has granted the RCZ the “Best Sports Car of the Year” award.

Therefore, it is both the Chinese “on and off line” press, national, regional and specialized, that have unanimously judged RCZ both, as a sports car with style and a bold attitude as well as acknowledging the move up-market of the Brand as a whole