Children’s Day South Africa 2015


The Government of South Africa declared the first Saturday of November as the National Children’s Day. The aim of the National Children’s Day celebration is to highlight progress being made towards the realization and promotion of rights of children.

Although the day is not that celebrated in South Africa, Google South Africa provided some coverage for Children’s Day South Africa and hopefully through their efforts the event will grow.

This is what Google had to say about their Children’s Day South Africa doodle –

Today, around three hundred and fifty thousand children will open their eyes for the very first time.

They’ll arrive from all over, but will eventually learn a universal language: one of surprise, fascination, fear, joy and hope. And as they grow, they’ll use these emotions to teach us how to live, and to see our lives through newer, fresher eyes. This is why we honor Children’s Day South Africa 2015 – to raise awareness about the possibilities within each and every young person, and how they can improve our world, and ourselves.

The potential of children is limitless. Let’s help them achieve their best, so that we, as a society, can achieve ours.