Childrens Day 2013 – South Korea


Google South Korea today had a little surprise for Korean children excited about celebrating Children’s Day 2013. On the Google Korea Search Engine homepage South Korean’s were reminded about Children’s Day 2013 that fell on Sunday, the 5th of May 2013 this year.

Childrens Day 2013

In South Korea children’s day are usually celebrated feasting with friends and family, and parents try to make the day special for their Children. Many Children experience Children’s day similar to Christmas when many parents spoil their children with gifts and presents on the day.

North Korea and the politics in the region have an effect on children and parents appreciating their freedom and therefore is perhaps more meaningful to the South Korean’s who live under the constant threat from North Korea.

 Another tradition for Celebrating Children’s Day include parents taking their kids to theme parks and Amusement parks which are usually crowded on Children’s Day.

Why is there a Children’s Day?

Children’s Day is recognized on various days in many places around the world, to honor children globally. It was first proclaimed by the World Conference for the Well-being of Children in 1925 and then established universally in 1954 to protect children working long hours in dangerous circumstances and allow all children access to an education.

The UN General Assembly recommended that all countries should establish a Universal Children’s Day on an “appropriate” day to celebrate Children and the importance of raising children in a safe environment with a good education and moral values.

South Korea Children’s Day 2013 Google Doodle

In the Google Doodle for South Korea Children’s Day 2013 there is a boy and a girl standing in front of the Google Doodle, in the rear one can see an amusement park, which is a popular place parents take their kids on Children’s Day. The words Google is written in a Comic Sands or Kids type of font adding a playful feel to the Children’s Day 2013 Google Doodle.

Both Kids look happy, balanced and healthy!

To all kids and parents in South Korea, we hope you have a wonderful Children’s Day 2013!

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