Chevy K.I.T.T.Y


The very essence of debonair, a young gentleman strides casually out of a shopping centre towards a car-park, heaving with vehicles of much less prestige, heritage and flair than his own.

Bypassing the need to scan the sea of inferior jalopies to locate his ride, he coolly slides his hand into the back pocket of his designer jeans and presses a button on the small remote device he is carrying. Instantly, he is able to determine the location of his powerful 6.0 litre Chevrolet Lumina SS as it responds in a seductive female voice with “Over here, handsome!”

Introducing K.I.T.T.Y…….

The voice resonating from the car stems from a device called K.I.T.T.Y (Key Innovation That Talks to You) which has been designed by Chevrolet for motorists who forget where they have parked their car after a long shopping session at the mall.

Chevrolet’s K.I.T.T.Y, a handy- sized remote-controlled talking alert, enables the car to shout out a personalised message to its owner thereby making it easier to locate their misplaced vehicle. The device has a range of 183 meters and was tested on a number of cars over the Christmas shopping period..

Tim Hendon, Product Communication Manager for GM referred to the device as another pioneering value-add from Chevrolet. He added that should the device be made available to the local market, the Captiva and the powerful Lumina SS would probably be the first models to be equipped with it.

The Captiva is currently well ahead of its competitors in its market segment in the UK where there is a growing problem of drivers misplacing their cars. The Chevrolet K.I.T.T.Y will most likely strengthen its position.