Chevrolet Wheels on the Vaal EXPO

  • Looking for something to do the weekend of 6 & 7 September?
  • Classic and vintage cars your thing?

Come and see Old steam engines in running order

Chevrolet is once again sponsoring the Chevrolet Wheels on the Vaal annual expo taking place at the North West University’s Vaal Triangle campus in Vanderbijlpark. This extremely popular show also sees the Vaal Old Wheels Club celebrate it’s 10th anniversary and the management and members of the Club would love to have Gautengers come down and celebrate with them.

Here are a few of the activities on offer by the organisers:


The Stampede

We are planning a promotion drive to encourage collectors countrywide to exhibit at the show. We invite all clubs and individual collectors to set the weekend aside to participate in the show. We have set up an office to assist interested parties, and also to help with accommodation enquiries at hotels, guesthouses or even camping. The university provides camping grounds with all the necessary amenities. Contact Rosievan Pype at 016 910 3122 or e-mail her at


Women will receive the necessary recognition and attention this year. An extensive variety of exhibitions and demonstrations will have something on offer for everyone.

Creative Talents: Building 25

Four lecture rooms have been made available, and will be transformed into workshops. Ladies may attend classes in painting, pottery, mosaic, scrap booking, etc, Creative Talents will present free demonstrations for beginners and more experienced participants. Necessary aids and materials will be on sale at their shop on the premises.

Coffee shop: Building 25

A fully equipped coffee shop, where visitors can socialise around a pot of coffee and snacks, will be available at these workshops.

Wheels at the Vaal ladies tea: TSL Building

The SARIE magazine’s well-known feature writer, Andre le Roux, will act as guest speaker at this event. It will take place at 10:00 on Saturday 6 September. Tickets must be purchased ahead of time at R 40.00 per person (entrance to exhibition included). Coffee/ tea and refreshments are included.Contact Rosie van Pype at 016 910 3122.

STER Home make over: Building 24

Local newsgroup Mooi Vaal Media (Ster and Vaalweekblad) hosts a fancy exhibition of a variety of businesses to assist you with home improvements. Don’t we all continually look for ways to beautify our homes and make them more family-friendly?

Stalls and beer garden:

Food stalls/Beer garden: Big Lapa at the river

A spread of abundant eats to choose from will be available. For this occasion, the big lapa will be converted into a proper restaurant and beer garden. Various churches and welfare organizations will have food on offer on the picturesque banks of the Vaal river.

Other stalls

It is always fun to browse around arts and crafts stalls and this year a wide variety of interesting goods will be on display. Unlike the usual flea markets, only high quality items will be available at this art market. Who knows, you might find something you’ve been looking for!

Veteran vehicles

We shall, as always, focus on motor clubs and other collectors who have supported the exhibition in the past. The Chevrolet Wheels at the Vaal exhibition is growing annually and the exhibitors have become part of the show. This year, vehicles of specific kinds will be parked together.

The Chevrolet and Ford collectible vehicle challenge

The first exhibition focused on Chevrolet because Chevrolet SA is our main sponsor. However, Ford supporters have now decided to challenge their Chevrolet rivals. The Ford challenge has come about as the Ford owners contend that their vehicles are more beautiful vehicles than those of the Chevrolet owners and that they have more vehicles too! Part of the Vaal old Wheels Club’s 10th anniversary celebrations will be clearing up once and for all the uncertainty of who owns the most collectors’ vehicles. All vehicles participating in the competition have to be manufactured before 1988. (Flags of manufacturers will indicate parking bays)

Other manufacturers

We own vehicles from so many different countries and therefore the organizers decided to extend the competition even further.

Germany vs. England

Without their contribution, the show will be rather dreary and depraved. We have extended the competition on request of exhibitors and English vehicles are now being challenged by German manufacturers. (Keep an eye out for the flags of the two countries for parking)

The rest of the world (Sweden, France, Italy, Japan, etc.)

Manufacturers from the rest of the world will compete with each other. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all owners of vehicles older than 20 years (or owners of vehicles that are sexy, or those that have something special that the owner would like to brag about), to participate in our exhibition. (Keep an eye out for the country flags for parking purposes)

Stationary engines: SALister exhibition

At many other similar exhibitions we find that the display of static engines is nothing more than a boring afterthought. During our 2007 exhibition, however, the static engines set a new record that was recorded in the Guinness World Book of Records. The passion, with which exhibitors view their collector-items, will inspire you to view the show differently.


These items are difficult to transport, but the collectors always ensure that that they are there. It always reminds visitors of how difficult it must have been for our forefathers to cope without modern technology.

Steam engines

The number of steam engines in the country has diminished drastically and therefore we endeavour to give special attention to this part of the show. We’ll need your assistance to stoke coals, so please, come along!

Agricultural exhibition:

The Vaal triangle may be industrialized but fortunately we do have an agricultural hinterland. Every year collectors ensure that tractors, threshing machines and other agricultural implements are on display.


Threshing mealies always amaze city dwellers and remain a huge attraction. After threshing maize at the show, kernels are grounded there and then. Buying fresh maize meal at the show, after following the process, is intriguing.


Historic methods used by these craftsmen are dying out; therefore watching them use their skills attracts huge crowds. The contribution of these ironsmiths at the show has been established for some time now. Manufacturing of items is done without the use of any modern equipment.

Farm kitchen

A visit to The Worcester Kleinplasie museum’s exhibition of a farm kitchen is a must. Museum staff travel all the way from Worcester with their historic equipment. City dwellers will have the opportunity to see how our ancestors made candles, soap and mampoer. Fresh bread and milk tart will be baked in a real old outside oven.

Sheep Shearing

The younger generation is often unaware of the origin of the woolly clothes that they wear so cosily. This year we have two sheep sheerers who will demonstrate how to shear sheep .



Motorbikes are often considered by many as a contentious issue, but they continue to draw attention at exhibitions. As soon as they enter the exhibition area, the spectators gather around the roisterers. We have arranged a breakfast rally on the banks of the Vaal River on Saturday and Sunday morning. We aim at having approximately 1000 motorcycles at our event.

Collectors Mania

At the Collectors Mania exhibition, those who collect smaller items may show off their valuables. Every year this exhibition is a highlight, so look out for them in the cafeteria.

Hi-Q Radio station

This year we have improved the sound system for the exhibition and we are equipped with our own radio station, with three radio personalities (Amore Bekker from RSG,Chris Swartz from 90,6 and Clive Morris from IFM) behind the microphone continually. The radio station will broadcast in a radius of 500 meter. A studio will be set up with one of these personalities on duty per session. Interviews will be held with exhibitors so that spectators may learn more about them and their collectables. The bilingual station will broadcast between 08:00 to 17:00 daily. Music will be suitable to the event and pleasant to the ear.


Lance James will perform during lunchtime in the large lapa on Sunday afternoon. He is an avid collector in own right and still popular amongst young and old.

Entertainment for children

Parents enjoy taking their children on a tour through the exhibition. Grandpa, Granny, mom and dad usually have many stories to share. Children should not miss the Coke drum-train, pulled by a vintage tractor, the Tick-Tack car, or the horse- and camel rides.

New vehicles

Chevrolet will exhibit the latest the brand has to offer.


Vaal old Wheels Club have a beautiful 1973 Volkswagen Beetle that can be won. (One owner—93 000 km.) Tickets will be available at the Club’s tent at only R10 a ticket. We know you would love to be the owner of such a cute little car, so make your dreams come true. All you need is a ticket and a bit of luck.


An empty wallet will be no reason to postpone or stop shopping. ABSA has an ATM on the campus. Enquire at the Vaal old Wheels information tent, or follow the cues to the library at the front gate.


Keep the following in mind:

Security – Besides Campus security, there will be extra car guards to guard your parked vehicle.

Traffic control – We will endeavour to simplify entrance and exit to the show.

Exhibitors – All exhibitors will use the main gate. Entrance for two adults and children is free. The entrance fee of R20 per additional adult per vehicle is applicable.

Spectators – Visitors and spectators are expected to use the entrance at the hostels. Entrance fees are R20 for adults and R10 for scholars.

Marshals on the grounds will ensure that traffic flows smoothly.

Reception Committee at the Vaal old Wheels tent – You are welcome to visit them with any enquiries.

For any queries about the show, please contact Mauritz Meyer on 083 513 6632 or on his email