Chevrolet Ute Force Revamps Community Centre


Residents of Inchanga, Fredville and surrounding communities situated in the heart of the Valley of 1000 Hills in Kwa-Zulu Natal, recently received a helping hand from the Key Group Pinetown and the Chevrolet Ute Force teams.

Chevrolet Ute

With a staggering 50% of the Valley’s resident’s unemployed and enduring widespread poverty, the community relies on the Centre for a variety of services including health care, ambulance services, child health care, education programmes, and daily meals.

The Centre’s computer room and the Beehive Internet Café were the two main focuses for the Ute Force team.  The Café provides internet access allowing the community to search for jobs and the computer room enables adults to do ABET skills training.

“We have been involved with the Valley of 1000 Hills Community Centre for many years now, because it offers sustainable ways for members of the community to uplift themselves and change their circumstances for the better,” commented Brian Dixon, Parts General Manager, Key Pinetown.

Chevrolet Ute Force

The team called on local volunteers from the Valley to help strip, sand and paint the computer centre and internet café, getting it ready to receive the sleek white custom designed desks and shelving that was built specifically to maximise the functionality of the space. Matching chairs were supplied, and ten new Wi-Fi enabled computers were installed, networked to a printer, scanner and copier.

“Pride and dignity are vital to any person’s growth,” commented Dawn Leppan, the Community Centre Founder and Manager.  “The new computers and this wonderful bright open space provide local residents with a feeling of empowerment, to help them to take control of their future.”

Chevrolet Ute Force Schools

“Being part of the Ute Force enables us to touch communities in real and meaningful ways,” says Tim Hendon, Chevrolet Brand Manager. “We work closely with the people on the ground to find out what they really need.  We don’t go in with a paint brush if they need a vegetable garden. We meet their needs, and we make sure that the solutions provided are sustainable, so that a long term positive difference can be made.”

Kwa Zulu Natal School

This is one of eight projects that the Ute Force team has completed in South Africa over the last thirteen months.  To date, approximately half of the allocated R4-million budget has been used to roll out sustainable community projects that will help South Africans to help themselves. The Ute Force team’s great work is made possible with the commitment of South Africans from all walks of life, to give of their time and expertise to make a real difference in the lives of needy South Africans.  This very closely aligns with Chevrolet’s vision to change the lives of those who need a helping hand.

Chevrolet Ute Force videographer, Louis Bolton of Bolton Inc, has created a mini-documentary