• Liverpool Under-21 players take the lead on road safety
  • Chevrolet safety advice supports safety training for young drivers

Liverpool Football Club

Chevrolet and Liverpool Football Club have joined forces with Merseyside Police to get the message across to young drivers that safety is the only goal on the road.

As car sponsor to Liverpool Football Club, Chevrolet is an active part of life at the Club. This includes offering guidance and support to the Club’s young players on car and road safety. Recent statistics gathered on the UK’s roads showed that  young male drivers aged 17-20 are seven times more at risk of being involved in a collision than all male drivers – but between the hours of 2am and 5am their risk is 17 times higher.

It is figures like that which prompted Merseyside Police to join with the Liverpool Under-21s and Chevrolet to hold a motoring safety session that aims to ensure that these young players are in peak condition on the highway. Stars such as Stephen Sama and Krisztian Adorjan spent the day with road traffic officers learning about the challenges that face young drivers and making a film of their experiences that will shortly be available on

“We are young guys and statistics show that our age group is most at risk of dangerous driving. This course, delivered by Merseyside Police shows us how important it is to be safe on the road,” said Stephen Sama

“I hope other young lads our age see the importance of being safe on the roads,” he added.

Educating young drivers and their families about taking precautions at every step of their motoring lives is second nature to Chevrolet, which has been promoting its five top car buying tips for young people through 2012. Bringing together the Liverpool footballers and Merseyside Police is one of the many benefits to its role as official car sponsor to the club.

“We have to thank Liverpool Football Club and Chevrolet for taking a lead in what remains a tragic, and often avoidable, threat to the health of too many young people,” said Michael Abram, Merseyside Police.

“Although only one in eight UK licence holders is under 25 years of age, they account for one in three driver fatalities – and also a huge number of deaths and injuries to their passengers and other road users as a result.”

Chevrolet’s top five car buying tips for young drivers:


Look at vehicles with safety equipment such as air bags, anti-lock brakes and seatbelt pretensioners. Newer cars will have side curtain airbags and additional seat-mounted thorax and abdomen airbags and electronic stability control. If your budget allows consider vehicles with four or five-star European New Car Assessment Program (EuroNCAP) safety ratings. Crash test information can be found at

EuroNCAP’s website


Fuel consumption

Big isn’t always beautiful. While it may seem like a bigger car is better, you’ll use more fuel. If you need the car for travel to school or sporting events, the miles add up fast, so look for a fuel-efficient car to reduce the cost of a fill-up.

Approved buy

It’s easy to appreciate the external look of a used car but it is important to verify its mechanical condition. Ask a qualified mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection to make sure the vehicle’s brakes, tyres and other features are safe. Chevrolet ensures all cars meeting rigorous manufacturer standards covering everything from engine to paintwork.

Share costs

Involve your young driver in all aspects of financing a car from insurance to payments before purchasing a vehicle. Whatever you buy must fit your family’s budget. Your car could see long service, so look at running costs and maintenance service intervals.

Little cars – big appeal!

There are many youngsters who face the dilemma of car size.Chevrolet’s Aveo small car challenges the convention that little cars are either trendy or practical, either premium or good value. The Aveo offers style and modern in-car entertainment features plus five-door practicality. With Electronic Stability Control, the Aveo also provides outstanding safety benefits.

Chevrolet Aveo secured a EuroNCAP five-star rating, placing it among the very best in its segment.