Chevrolet Spin MPV Makes Global Debut in Brazil


Chevrolet Spin MPV Makes Global Debut in Brazil

São Caetano do Sul, Brazil – The Chevrolet Spin, the new global multipurpose vehicle from General Motors, made its worldwide debut today in São Paulo. The MPV was designed and developed in Brazil at GM do Brasil’s engineering and design center in São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, with testing carried out on four continents. […]

São Caetano do Sul, Brazil – The Chevrolet Spin, the new global multipurpose vehicle from General Motors, made its worldwide debut today in São Paulo.

The MPV was designed and developed in Brazil at GM do Brasil’s engineering and design center in São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, with testing carried out on four continents.

It will initially be produced at GM’s São Caetano do Sul plant in Brazil for markets in South America, followed by production at GM’s Bekasi manufacturing facility in Indonesia.

According to Pedro Manuchakian, GM South America Vice President of Engineering, “Spin was developed factoring in variations needed for different markets. It will be offered with two and three rows of seats, in right-hand and left-hand drive, and with engine options for different markets such as Indonesia and Argentina.”

GM do Brasil Vice President Marcos Munhoz added, “It will address the need in a segment that is becoming more popular. With its unique design, versatility and value for price proposition, Spin will be one of the most popular new products from Chevrolet this year.”

Stylish Exterior and Roomy Interior

Spin has muscular lines, giving it an imposing stance with unique proportions. In the front, Spin has Chevrolet’s traditional split grille along with narrow headlights that reinforce its unique personality and visual appeal. Its rugged visual appeal is further accentuated by impressive side lines and a high belt line.

The body has been designed to maximize aerodynamics. It will be available in eight exterior colors: Summit White, Global Black, Desert Beige, Macaw Blue, Polaris Silver, Mond Gray, Rusk Gray and Lotus Green.

“Spin will please those who want to enjoy life with family and friends,” said Grace Lieblein, President of GM do Brasil.

Spin has a wheelbase of 2,620 millimeters, providing space for up to five passengers in the two-row LT version and up to seven passengers in the three-row LTZ version. Theater-style seating ensures those in all rows a clear view of the road ahead while maximizing roominess. There are up to 23 different combinations of positions for the seats.

It has a carrying capacity of up to 1,668 liters with the rear seats folded down. Its glove box and storage space in the front doors can hold 2-liter water bottles. Everything is within reach, from the instrument cluster to the 32 accessory pockets.

The interior has a premium finish. Its two-tone instrument panel has a “jewel effect” with a silver finish and chrome accents on door knobs, the steering wheel, radio and air-conditioning controls, the gear shift, the parking brake and air vents. Gauges have an exclusive font and Ice Blue illumination found in other Chevrolet models. Spin also has a USB port along with an analog tachometer and digital speedometer.

Spin’s engineering team focused on soundproofing the MPV to ensure an extremely quiet interior.

Drivability and stability are among Spin’s strengths, thanks to its well-adjusted suspension. Despite its higher driver’s seat position, Spin provides a safe feeling. Power steering provides full control at higher speeds. Its fuel tank has a capacity of 53 liters.

Highly Efficient Powertrains

With the needs of Spin buyers in mind, GM’s powertrain engineering team developed a 1.8-liter Econo.Flex engine. The engine has a plastic exhaust manifold and a new resonator that has low aspiration noise and impressive torque distribution, along with sure handling, uniform acceleration and low fuel consumption.

The engine introduces an evolution of GM’s state-of-the-art drive-by-wire system. This enables faster response during acceleration. It is integrated with the GM-developed System Zero technology, which manages the engine based on torque. In addition, the engine’s stainless steel exhaust manifold is highly efficient and ensures compliance with advanced emission regulations.

The engine produces 108 horsepower with ethanol and 106 horsepower with gasoline, both at 6,200 rpm. It generates torque of 17.1 kgf.m with ethanol and 16.4 kgf.m with gasoline, both at 3,200 rpm. Ninety percent of the torque is available between 2,500 and 4,700 rpm, for power and drivability.

Spin is available with a five-speed manual transmission (F17 Generation 1.5) as well as the GF6 six-speed automatic transmission that is currently available with the Chevrolet Cruze and Sonic.

The manual transmission has new shift selectors, which require minimal effort and offer precise shifting. It is also equipped with triple synchronizers that allow for more sporty shifting.

The automatic transmission incorporates the sequential shifting mode, which eliminates cables between the module, the transmission and the engine brake. The shift is maintained even when the driver pulls his or her foot off the accelerator for a feeling of better control.

“This transmission adapts to the driver’s driving style and has a logical calibration that selects gears according to necessity. For instance, when driving downhill, the transmission reduces the gear to stabilize the vehicle, even without intervention from the driver. When driving uphill, it avoids unnecessary shifting, using the best level of torque for the engine,” explained GM do Brasil Director of Powertrain Paulo Riedel.

The transmission also comes with a torque converter with an EC3 clutch, which further lowers fuel consumption and enhances smooth shifting thanks to a hydraulic clutch.

LT and LTZ Variants Meet Different Needs

The entry-level LT version comes with air-conditioning, power steering, ABS, EBD, dual air bags, power windows and locks, a driver’s seat with height adjustment, auxiliary indicator lights and 15-inch wheels. Options include alloy wheels, a radio with a CD player, MP3 and Bluetooth capability, and a six-speed automatic transmission with cruise control.

The LTZ version offers all the items in the LT version along with an integrated third row of seats, a roof rack, an on-board computer, a parking sensor and controls in the steering wheel. Options include a six-speed automatic transmission with cruise control.

Additional options include chrome tips on side mouldings painted in the vehicle’s exterior color, fog lights (LT version only), carpeting, plastic protectors for the front and rear bumpers, and 7-inch DVD screens on rear headrests.

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Published : Friday June 29, 2012

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