• New Accident Aftercare Programme, Chevrolet First, launches 01 February 2012
  • Chevrolet First completely FREE to all Chevrolet drivers regardless of vehicle age

It seems for many people that the stresses of having an accident really begin once the damage has been done. For Chevrolet drivers however, a new accident aftercare programme called Chevrolet First guarantees they’ll only need to make one phone call to take care of every detail.

The team at Chevrolet First are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to liaise with your insurance company (no matter who they are), arrange for recovery of the vehicle should it be necessary, provide a courtesy car where appropriate (even if that’s not covered by your insurance) and exercise your right to have your vehicle repaired by an authorised Chevrolet repair centre.

Calling Chevrolet First rather than your insurance company means no hassle and no completing claims forms. There is one point of contact from beginning to end who will keep you updated on the progress of the claim and the vehicle repair. This of course all comes with the added benefit of knowing your vehicle will be fitted with genuine Chevrolet parts by Chevrolet trained technicians – keeping it 100% Chevrolet, 100% safe.

This amazing service is available from 01 February 2012 to all Chevrolet drivers, whatever the age of your vehicle or where it was originally purchased.