• Interior flexibility and 7-seater capability
  • Theater style seating, for great visibility
  • Ingenious storage solutions
  • Large cargo area

Chevrolet Orlando

‘Function with Attitude’ is the new Chevrolet Orlando’s descriptive catch phrase, and it’s no coincidence that the word ‘function’ comes first. Without question the Orlando brings a fresh approach to the look of MPVs and a swagger to the segment with its extrovert exterior design.

But it’s much more than skin deep; Chevrolet is confident it has created a true family car for today where design has not compromised functionality and user friendliness, as demonstrated by its 7-seater practicality, interior flexibility and generous storage and load spaces.

Orlando drivers will appreciate the well thought out ergonomics. So while the Corvette-inspired dual cockpit has plenty of features which are pleasing to the eye – the ambient blue backlighting to the centre console for example – it has also been designed so that all the major controls and switches fall easily to hand, maximizing safety and driver convenience.

One of the key considerations for passenger comfort is the seating arrangement, which is unique in the compact MPV segment. The Orlando has the versatility associated with 7 seats and various configurations can be achieved to meet the occupants’ needs. In fact the body structure of the Orlando has been designed to enable the fitting of ‘theater-style’ seating where rows two and three are progressively elevated, but without compromising occupant headroom or access in and out of the seats.

The middle section of Orlando’s floorpan is fitted with a high strength sub frame to which the second seating bench is fitted and which elevates it by over 4cm (41mm) mm above the seating line of the driver and passenger. Moving back towards the rear, the floorpan itself rises at the C-pillar section (and between rows 2 and 3) before leveling to accommodate the third row and rear cargo space. A further reinforced sub-frame is fitted inside the floorpan to house the two-seater third bench, giving it an elevated position over the second row.

In addition to allowing better visibility all-round for passengers, the theater seating enables easier access, in particular for parents when fitting child seats and young children into the second row as it minimizes any awkward bending or reaching.

There may be frequent occasions when Orlando owners do not need all seven of its seats and a number of alternative seating configurations can be quickly and easily arranged.

Perhaps the most common will be to fold the third row to accommodate up to 5 passengers and increase the cargo volume area to 458 liters*. By folding flat both the second and third rows the cargo area is increased so that it is one of the most voluminous in the compact MPV class at 856 liters*. And from 2013, the front passenger seat will benefit from similar functionality so that it too can be folded to create a ‘table’ area for the driver. Even with the third row of seats in place, the Orlando maintains a useful 89 liters of available space.

Both the left and right hand outer seats of the second row have a tumble-fold facility – effectively folded twice so that the seat back and seat cushion as one unit butts up against the back of the driver’s or passenger seats – for easy access into and out of the third row.

Once all the Orlando occupants are safely in their seats, they benefit from interior leg and head space which is highly competitive against other vehicles in the sector. Leg room for the front passenger and driver is generous at 1034mm while for second row passengers leg room of 917mm puts Orlando among the most spacious in class. Headroom at the front is 1020mm and for the second row, 983mm, while passengers in the third row will enjoy 945mm of headspace, one of the best in its class even with Orlando’s sweeping exterior roofline.

Chevrolet Orlando Interior

An interior with lots in store

A hard working family car needs plenty of storage space for all the bits and pieces that collect inside. Like the original concept car, the final production version of the Orlando obliges with a range of compartments of different shapes, sizes and locations to cater for common family needs.

Orlando owners will be pleasantly surprised by a ‘secret’ compartment behind the front fascia of the audio and within easy reach of the both the driver and passenger. This ingenious feature, which has remained true to the original concept car, is revealed by easily flipping up the face of the audio. It is large enough for such items as an MP3 player, sunglasses and wallets.

Within the space itself there is also a standard auxiliary jack and optional USB port for MP3 or iPod connectivity, depending on the trim level.

Chevrolet Orlando Boot Space

Perhaps not every piece of storage can be quite as ingenious, but it’s all equally useful. At the front to save the driver and front passenger from fishing around in pockets or door bins for loose change, there is a slotted coin box built into the foot of the center console. The console also features two large cup holders and a compartment between the seat belt buckles which features a retractable sliding cover.

Door bins in the front are large enough to take a water bottle and a number of maps while the rear doors also have integrated bottle holders. Orlando’s spacious load area has additional compartments, one revealed by flipping a lid built into the floor of the load bay where it meets the rear bumper sill, and two further triangular compartments behind either wheel arch.

Finally, keeping an eye on what’s going on in the second or third row of seats isn’t easy if you’re the driver or front passenger. But now, thanks to Orlando’s rear conversation mirror, you really can have eyes in the back of your head. The special rear seat view mirror, which is fitted into the headlining and sits just above the normal rear view mirror, enables parents to keep check on proceedings behind without taking their eyes off the road.

  • Cargo volumes refer to maximum area up to glass line.