Chevrolet Europe Takes Design Online

  • Unique interactive website gives insight into Chevrolet’s new car design

Four years after the highly successful re-launch of the brand across Europe, Chevrolet presents a unique interactive website exploring the world of the brand’s car design, including Chevrolet design characteristics, concept cars and globe-spanning design teamwork. gives an in-depth insight into Chevrolet’s new design language and it is no coincidence that the site is launched at the beginning of a year that will see the introduction of two truly new global Chevrolet products, the Cruze and the Spark.

Visitors to the site will gain a better understanding of the challenges designers face when creating a global car. They will learn how Chevrolet designers around the globe are working closely together to develop cars to be marketed worldwide.

Visitors will get a clear understanding of how and which style cues and common design features ensure that a Chevrolet is unmistakably a Chevrolet and is recognized as such at first glance, no matter if it is a muscle car or a mini car.

The site also explains the important role design plays in making cars more “green”. After all, it is not technology alone that can make vehicles more ecological: The designers can take an influence early on with such factors as their choice of materials or the aerodynamics of their designs.

Finally, visitors get access to a host of exclusive visual material about Chevrolet’s latest concept cars, including photos, sketches and videos. They will also find an interactive calendar of Chevrolet events and links to other Chevrolet sites as well as external news sites and blogs.

“With this site, Chevrolet makes a clear statement of what its design is all about and what is to come in the future,” says Wayne Brannon, Executive Director for Chevrolet Europe. “Both informative and entertaining, it will appeal to anyone interested in design. Yet, this is only the beginning: Chevrolet is looking forward to the site expanding considerably with time to cover ever more exciting design-related topics.”

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