Chevrolet donates 100 cars to SOS Children South Africa


Today marks 100 years of Chevrolet. To celebrate the occasion, Chevrolet Europe and SOS Children joined forces as part of the “Wheels for Kids” initiative, aiming to increase the mobility of the children we care for.

Throughout 2011, Chevrolet are giving 100 cars to SOS Children in Europe, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Lesotho and Israel. Today, Chevrolet will hand over the 99th and 100th cars to SOS Children in Italy.

“Providing cars is the most natural way for us as a car manufacturer to help SOS. We hope that the vehicles can improve the daily lives of the kids and their caretakers,” says Wayne Brannon, President of Chevrolet Europe. “We are proud to support an independent organisation of the scope, dedication and commitment that SOS is demonstrating in both their daily work and their disaster relief programs.”

The “Wheels for Kids” program will increase the mobility of the children and their SOS mothers. “We really appreciate Chevrolet’s generous donation of 100 cars. The cars will make such a difference to the lives of the SOS families who receive them,” says Jeff Massey, Corporate Liaison Coordinator for SOS Children UK. “SOS mothers need to be mobile for the same reasons other parents do. With 5-10 children to care for each, everyday activities such as taking children to school and doing the weekly shop will be so much easier now that they can get around.”

As well as benefiting families in our SOS Children’s Villages, the cars will also be used for our outreach work with families in deprived communities. The cars will enable SOS social workers to travel to poor communities, many of which are located in rural areas not easily accessible by public transport.