Chevrolet brand has global appeal


South Africans are increasingly seeing a rapidly growing number of Chevrolet cars on our roads. It’s a phenomenon that’s also happening in Europe, and is testament to Chevrolet’s global appeal. Chevrolet has only been in Europe since 2003 but with 4.5 million new registrations in 2007, it is the third largest car brand in the world.

 While the increase in popularity of the Chevrolet brand around the world might seem mind boggling, there is a good reason behind it. Based on core principles of value for money, high quality and sheer fun, Chevrolet products have hit the sweet spot of the automotive market.

The Aveo is by far the most popular choice in Europe and in contrast the Spark is the most popular Chevrolet in South Africa. It’s not the pricing that makes them popular though, it’s the styling and high level of standard equipment that each offers. Both offer much more than their respective market segments requires in critical areas. Performance, design, boot space, cabin aura, ride quality and the fun element, Chevrolet cars excel in these areas compared to their closest competition.