Chevrolet and Leonid head and shoulders above the rest


When you’re a towering 2.59 meters tall, buying a car is not easy. In fact driving one is even more difficult but the world’s tallest man, Leonid Stadnyk (36) does not need to worry about that anymore. On 23 March, Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko presented Leonid with the keys to a shiny blue Chevrolet Tacuma van. The four door car was specially modified to accommodate the stature of its new owner.

After a month and a half, Leonid is still overjoyed with his new car. “As with all Chevrolets – Leonid’s car has high levels of standard equipment, is true to the brands promise of excellent value for money and is comfortable – even for Leonid; that’s why it is perfect for him,” says Tim Hendon, Product Communications Manager GMSA. He adds that while the Tacuma is not available in South Africa, Chevrolet has been steadily increasing its presence in South Africa – a trend set to continue. One out of every 16 vehicles sold in the world is a Chevrolet!