Chevrolet’s exciting future models


The world’s third largest car brand, Chevrolet has achieved rapid growth in Europe and Africa. Chevrolet’s success can be largely attributed to the value for money products that it offers consumers. The good news for Chevrolet fans is there are more great lifestyle products planned for the near future.

First in line is the much anticipated Volt electric concept which is scheduled to be in USA showrooms in 2010. The Volt is essentially an electric car with an innovative rechargeable electric drive system that runs on electricity. It has a small internal combustion engine that powers a generator to charge the batteries for extended range trips – powered by either petrol E85 ethanol or bio diesel. The Volt has the ability to travel 64 kilometres using only electricity as its energy source, a range that should be sufficient for the average daily commute to and from work for most people. Apart from its advanced technology, the Volt’s other attraction is its beautiful exterior design with its muscular coupe shape.

For the performance oriented drivers there’s the WTCC Ultra race concept, first unveiled in 2006. The aggressive design is inspired by WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) and celebrates Chevrolet’s racing heritage. Equipped with a 139kW two litre turbo diesel engine, the concept shatters conventional expectations of what a race car should be.

Also stretching the boundaries is the Beat concept. The Beat’s unconventional contours make it’s design distinctive. The elongated headlamps stretch from just below the A-pillars to the honeycomb grill that is adorned by the legendary Chevrolet bowtie. The Beat concept will go into production as a three and five door mini city car.

Unveiled alongside the Beat concept in Bologna last year, the Trax concept is an urban crossover concept that’s equally at home on the trails or in traffic. It gets a low-cost all-wheel-drive system and looks the part of a rugged SUV many times its size, thanks to a voluminous one-piece bumper and fender system in the front and back, a rear-mounted spare tire and a roof rack. Trax is powered by a 1-liter petrol engine.

The Groove concept, also unveiled alongside the Beat, is a retro-inspired vehicle with bodacious fender flares and an upright windshield. It looks much longer than it is, thanks to its short hood and long cabin. The front wheel drive Groove is powered by a small, efficient 1-liter diesel engine.

The Camaro in contrast has an imposing presence. It embodies all the elements of a true American muscle car but with a modern interpretation. With a history filled with passion and brute performance, the Camaro returns looking leaner and ready to take back its crown as the ultimate muscle car. The Camaro will reach South Africa around 2011. The other models have not been confirmed for the local market as yet.