Chemspec at Automechanika 2013 Johannesburg South Africa


    Chemspec one of the leading Global Paint Companies showcased some of their products at the Automechanika 2013 Expo in Johannesburg South Africa on the 8th to 11th May 2013. One of the highlights of the Chemspec display included the Formula 1 Racing car which were specially imported for the show, to showcase Chemspec’s superior range of products for the automotive industry.


    According to one of the Gentlemen at the Chemspec’s Display the Formula 1 Car symbolizes the quality and superior grade of their products.

    We have met up with Baron Schreuder Chemspec’s Chief Executive Officer at Automechanika who provided us with a brief overview of Chemspec, their products and a breakdown of the company.

    Chemspec South Africa – The Global Paint Company at Automechanika 2013 – CEO Mr. Baron Schreuder

    Chemspec provides various solutions to the Paint Industry in General and have recently acquired the manufacturing contract for Jack’s Paints’ exclusive decorative paint brands – Panache, Coverkote and Artisan for a period in excess of 10 years.

    In addition to this supply agreement, ChemSpec have acquired the business of TPS [Turnkey Paint Solutions], a Gauteng-based manufacturing facility from Kansai Plascon.

    Chemspec in the Automotive Industry

    Chemspec provides Painting Solutions and Products to Panel beaters and Spray painters these include products like Hydrolux, Metalux, Metalux CV, Specrylic, Specrylic Plus, Autopaint, Formula 40 and Sikkens.

    Chemspec also provide Panel Beaters and Spray Painters with online software making it easy for them to mix paint colors by retreating formulas and EasiMix Updates.

    Main Chemspec Industries Include:

    • Automotive
    • Decorative
    • Wood finish
    • Industrial
    • Marine

    For more information about Chemspec, their line of products and how to contact Chemspec you can visit their website at