Charity Car is proud to announce its latest partner – the UK’s only dedicated charity for those involved in the automotive industry – BEN.

    BEN exists to provide care, emotional or financial support and advice to those in the automotive industry who need help in times of hardship or distress. Now, through Charity Car, you can donate your old car to help fund its valuable work.

    “Charity Car is delighted to have joined forces with such a fitting partner. While BEN is a worthy cause for anyone looking to donate to a charity, it is the perfect choice for people who may have a personal link to the automotive industry through their career or that of their family or friends. What better way to give something back to the automotive industry.

    “Donating a car through Charity Car, whether it is ready for scrap or still has some life, means that the donor can leave everything to us. We guarantee a safe, environmentally friendly and legal route for the sale or destruction of any car, while after a few minutes at their computer or on the phone, our customer can sit back knowing they have given a valuable donation to their chosen charity” said Graham Price, Managing Director of Charity Car.

    “It costs approximately £11 million each year for BEN to do its vital work for families within the automotive industries, and that money is raised purely thanks to the generosity of our supporters” said Nigel Williams BEN’s Commercial Development Manager.

    To donate a car through Charity Car could not be easier. The person or business visits

    (or calls 0844 669 68 89*) and enters a few details about themselves and the car. If the car still has some life left in it, Charity Car will arrange for it to be sold to the highest bidder, or, if it has reached the end of the road, we will pick it up and recycle it in line with the latest environmental regulations. Either way Charity Car will complete the necessary DVLA paperwork and, if required, issue a DVLA Certificate of Destruction, freeing the donor of any liability.

    “This partnership with Charity Car is a fantastic new way to finance our work. It is so fitting that an old car could end up funding support for someone with health or emotional issues that may have spent their life working in the automotive industry. We are looking forward to receiving donations through Charity Car and putting that money to good use for needy people throughout the UK. We’ve also introduced a specific brand for the initiative – Scrap and Donate ” concluded Nigel Williams.