Cars for Sale in South Africa Johannesburg


The 3D Car Shows site is getting ready to start selling cars online, and we will start with selling cars in Johannesburg South Africa. We have started developing the 3D Car Shows site about 3 months ago. The purpose of the site is to provide our readers with quality and informative information about Cars, Car Shows and everything related to the Automotive Industry.

Our site has quickly grown into one of the most comprehensive information sites relating to the automotive industry in South Africa. We have also seen significant growth in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America. We have succeeded to build a website that attracts visitors and the natural progression from here is to start selling cars online.

Soon you will see the Cars for Sale sign on the 3D Car shows site.

Our plans include the Cars for Sale section on the 3D Car Shows site as a small pilot project in Johannesburg South Africa before we launch our product Country wide and internationally. If you are a motor car dealer in South Africa feel free to contact us about selling your cars online from the 3D Car Shows site. At this stage we do not want to say too much but you can expect the solution from 3D Car Shows to be unique and focused on driving sales to your dealership.

One of the major problems we have identified with current dealership websites is the lack of professional solutions, designs and up to date information. The motor dealers in South Africa that we have talked to that tried to sell their Cars via their own websites were relatively unsuccessful.

They have complained that the information on their sites is dated, and they struggle to keep the information up to date. Also when the information is up to date, nobody or few people seem to visit their websites.

Some of these motor dealers have not even yet sold one car from their website. Here at 3D Car Shows we understand the internet; we also know how to drive traffic to websites, and how to turn this traffic into customers.

If you are a dealer and interested in selling your cars online keep your eyes on 3D Car Shows.