Carnaval 2013


Carnaval 2013 in Argentina, South America


Today February 12, 2013 Google announced the annual start of the Carnaval in Argentina. The culmination of Carnaval 2013 or Mardi Gras 2013  is on Monday 11 February 2013 and Fat Tuesday, 12 February 2013 . The Carnaval celebrations are usually started from days or even weeks before, with celebrations in Trinidad and Tobago start from as early as December.

The most uniquely celebrated Carnaval in Argentina is the Carnival Murga, though some other Brazilian styled carnivals held in the Argentine Mesopotamia and the North-East are just as popular in Argentina.

The Carnival in Gualeguaychu, in the east of “Entre Rios province in Argentina”, is the largest and most important carnival in Argentina. Gualeguaychu Carnival houses musical performances similar to Brazil or Uruguay Carnival. Performers and clubs choose their own themes and join the competition. Each club brings the theme true to life, and present it to the Argentina People interested.

The Carnival in Argentina falls within Summer, and people play water games or spray each other with water. Many people will also fill balloons and through each other with these water balloons.

Carnaval Google Doodle

This year, Google have chosen to indicate the start of the Carnaval with a Google Doodle on some South American Search engines. If you want to see the Carnaval Google doodle, we have included an image of the Carnaval Google Doodle for your convenience. You can also visit the

Google Search engine where you will be able to see the Google Doodle Today only.

The Carnaval Google Doodle is colorful and you can see many symbols of the Carnaval within the Google Doodle itself.

If you are celebrating the Carnaval we here at 3D Car Shows would like to wish you a happy Carnaval and a great year!