Carlos Juan Finlay


Today December 3, 2013 Google selected Carlos Juan Finlay to be featured on its India Search Engine homepage. Currently we presume that the doodle for Carlos Juan Finlay will also appear on other search engine homepages around the world, and suspect that it will also be on the Cuba homepage.

Who was Carlos Juan Finlay?

Carlos Juan Finlay was born on December 3, 1833 in Cuba and died on August 20, 1915 in Havana Cuba. Carlos Juan Finlay was a Cuban Physician and Scientist recognized today for his pioneer work in Yellow Fever and Yellow Fever research.

Carlos Juan Finlay although born in Cuba was from French and Scottish decent. Carlos Juan Finlay attended the prestige’s Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States. He also studied in Havana Cuba and France Paris. He moved back to Cuba, Havana to open his own medical practice.

Why is there a Mosquito in the Google Doodle?

Carlos Juan Finlay

Like always Google Doodlers do a stunning job creating doodles and usually there goes a lot of research into each of the doodles that they create. In today’s Carlos Juan Finlay doodle the mosquito represents the crux of Carlos Juan Finlay’s work. He was one of the first to discover and document the role mosquito’s play in carrying around disease and transferring those diseases to humans.

The Doodle also features a drawing that is truly representative of what Carlos Juan Finlay looked like.

Carlos Juan Finlay and Yellow Fever

After discovering that the Mosquito were part of the yellow fever problem. Carlos Juan Finlay suggested that the mosquito population needs to be controlled and that this will help to lessen the spread of yellow fever.

In the words of General Leonard Wood, a physician and U.S. military governor of Cuba in 1900: “The confirmation of Dr. Finlay’s doctrine is the greatest step forward made in medical science since Jenner’s discovery of the vaccination [for smallpox].”

This discovery helped William C. Gorgas reduce the incidence and prevalence of mosquito-borne diseases in Panama during the American campaign from 1903 onwards to construct the Panama Canal. Prior to this, about 10% of the workforce died each year from malaria and yellow fever.

As always Wikipedia offers a very informative read about Carlos Juan Finlay, his legacy and work and we highly recommend that you check out the article on Wikipedia about Carlos Juan Finlay should you wish to learn more about this great man!

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