Car Spec Data gets a makeover from MotorSpecs


Car data experts have launched new services to the Consumer and Trade markets in the UK.


“Every passenger vehicle registered in the UK from circa 1995 onwards has been made to look Spexsy by us. But it’s about so much more than just Car Spec Data”. That’s according to Michael Rochford, Managing Director of new Car Specs website

MotorSpecs has linked each car by Reg number to its original manufacturer spec. So all you have to do to get the full standard specification on any car is enter the Reg on  In total there are about 25 Million individual vehicle specs available covering everything you could possibly think of. Standard equipment, technical specs, performance data, weights & dimensions, optional equipment, pricing, current valuations and running costs are all available as part of the MotorSpecs data.

The service is delivered with the help of JATO Dynamics. JATO provide the underlying manufacturer data and MotorSpecs provide the expertise to process it and link it to an individual Reg number, as well as making it look attractive and easy to access via a web-services envirnment. JATO is the world leader in this space and has unrivalled quality and depth of data when it comes manufacturer specifications for motor vehicles. Each vehicle on their database will typically have over 3,000 individual fields of data attached to it.

Free to use


“The service is free at the moment whilst we engage with our audience, find out what they like and dislike about the service and make tweaks accordingly” said Rochford. “The presentation of the data was all important. We put a lot of effort into making the user experience a pleasant one. Even though there are thousands of fields of data for each vehicle we felt it was important to allow users find what they want fast and not get lost in the data” he added.

Accurate market valuations


The price of the vehicle when new and the current market value are items that most users of the service will find particularly useful. With MotorSpecs this is enhanced by the fact that you can configure the car not only with its current mileage but also with a full list of option extras that were available to be fitted when the car was new. The new price as well as the current market valuation will adjust accordingly giving a really accurate reflection of its market value.

Running costs

What a car is going to cost you to run every year is probably one of the biggest concerns that any motorist and car buyer will have. MotorSpecs provides some really useful information in this regard including Fuel Costs, Servicing Costs, Insurance Costs, Tax and Finance Costs. What is particularly interesting is the way MotorSpecs drills down into the costs. For example you are not only told how much fuel will cost you if you travel 10k miles this year, but you are also informed of the tank size, how much a fill will cost you and the distance you will get per full tank of fuel.


Trade Portal

In addition to the very “spexy” layout of the Consumer site there is also a Trade services site which is altogether more understated. This allows Trade users to access the specs data on each vehicle by reg or by make-model dropdown and print off branded spec sheets.

The Trade service also has a really useful “MOT History” lookup whereby dealers can access VOSA data on a vehicles MOT History and print a professionally formatted report branded with the Traders own logo and contact details.

Trade users are also being provided with the opportunity to engage in a Free Trial of the service during the initial launch period.

“We feel that our website will appeal not only to Petrol Heads and those in the Motor Trade but to any car owner who wants to keep a detailed online record of their vehicle including its full Spec, Valuation, Running costs, MOT History and Service History.  Kind of like a passport for your car” concluded Rochford.