Car Shows on Google+


Today exactly one week ago that we have started our Google+ Car Shows page.

Google launched their Google Pages on the 8th of November 2011 in the same week 3D Car Shows were one of the first companies to jump on board of the Google+ Pages.

During the week Toyota, BMW and Mercedes Benz have also launched their Google+ Pages. Today we are going to have a look at the growth these companies have received on their Google+ Pages since the launch of the Google+ Pages for Business.

Toyota on Google Plus

“Toyota now has 3228 followers on Google+”

Toyota have grown their followers on Google from “Zero” followers to 3228 followers within one week of the Google+ Business pages launch.

Toyota USA on Google Plus

“Toyota USA now has 13 897 followers on Google+”

The Toyota USA brand have in a matter of a week increased their Google+ followers from “Zero” to 13 897 this is quite a significant amount of people whom have joined the Toyota USA Brand on Google+.


“BMW now has 678 followers on Google+”

BMW at the time of writing this article, one week after the launch of the official Google+ pages were standing on 678 followers.

3D Car Shows on Google Plus

3D Car Shows now has 382 followers on Google+

Our 3D Car Shows Google+ Business page was able to gain 382 Google+ followers. For us this is an acceptable growth rate. What is more important is that the traffic to our website have grown by being able to inform our 3D Car Shows followers about updates to the 3D Car Shows site, and by publishing articles to our followers.


Mercedes-Benz now has 3542 followers on Google+

Mercedes-Benz also experiences some good growth on their Google+ pages. The Mercedes Benz company page were able to move from “Zero” to 3 542 followers within 7 days of the launch of Google+ Pages for business.