Car Shows now for two weeks on Google+


Today we are once again giving our readers an update on our progress on the new Social Network Google+ Business pages.

The Google+ pages were a much anticipated social media software development for many people across the globe. The way that Google+ integrates with all Google Products is just amazing.

Since the launch of Google+ and the Car Shows Business pages on Google+ we have seen significant growth on the 3D Car Shows site outside the Google+ Business pages for 3D Car Shows.

google analytics 3d car shows

We are not saying that it is because of the Google+ Business Pages but from what we can gather from Google Analytics it has made an impact on the Car Shows sites visibility in Google. (This is only a theory).

Since the start of Google+ Business Pages our site traffic increased by +/- 800 visits per day and the Car Shows pages have grown to 415 people in our Car Shows circle!

Car Shows

How are we using the Car Shows site to interact with our Customers

The 3D Car Shows site provides its clients with valuable information about Local, National and International Car Shows around the world.

Our Google+ Car Shows Customers, Friends and Circle Members can stay up to date with all the happenings on the Car Show calender.

They can also find daily quality information about the latest cars, the developments in the industry and the Social and Corporate News from the Auto manufacturers. By using Google+ the information is not intrusive and circle members can easily unfollow the Car Shows pages or choose not to read the news in their feeds.

However when something important happens in the industry, or if there is news from the industry 3D Car Shows followers will have up to date information about it in their Google+ feeds.

You can join the

Car Shows

on google+ for high quality information and News from the motor industry!

It is also my theory that Businesses should immediately jump onto the Google+ Business pages. “The early bird catches the worm” – besides this I think business and customer can really connect via Google+.

The main advantage that I see for both Business and Consumer is that instead of a customer visiting 50 individual sites per day, they can stay up to date with all the companies they wish to in one place!