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Today 3D Car Shows would like to extend a special invitation to all car enthusiasts around the world. The 3D Car Shows Google+ Pages allow people to stay up to date with the latest information from Car Shows, Motor Shows and Auto Shows taking place locally, nationally and International.

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Why should you add Car Shows to your Google+ Pages?

The 3D Car Shows Google+ Pages allow you to stay up-to-date with High Quality information from the Automotive Companies around the world. This includes regular video, images and news updates about everything important happening in the automotive industry.

Top 10 Reasons to add 3D Car Shows to your Google+ Circles

  • Up-to-date Information about the Motor Industry.
  • Extensive coverage of All Major Local, National and International Car Shows.
  • View exclusive information about Concept Cars.
  • Exclusive information about Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles.
  • Detail Reviews and News information about Cars.
  • Unobtrusive News via your Google Circles.
  • Learn more about the Car you are driving.
  • Keep tabs on “All Motor Brands” in one place.
  • Improve your General Knowledge about Cars.
  • Gain valuable conversation starters and interesting things to talk about with your friends.

North American International Motor Show (NAIAS) – Detroit Motor Show 2012

The North American International Motor Show is currently taking place in Detroit, Michigan in the USA. We here at 3D Car Shows have access to information from the Detroit Motor Show before the Car Show opens to the public and publish this information as soon as we receive it, or our reporters are able to report on the events. We do this for all Car Shows, Auto Shows and Motor Shows around the world.

Now if you are looking for interesting things to talk about the NAIAS 2012 – Detroit Motor Show provides you with ample opportunity to have interesting things to talk about!

Here are some interesting conversation starters from the North American International Motor Show that you would have picked up from following the Car Shows site on Google+. It is not just for Car Enthusiasts and Car Fanatics.

What Car are they driving in Mission Impossible?

From our search engine analytics and statistics it is evident that many people wondered and searched for the BMW car in Mission Impossible after they have seen the Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Movie. Now if you have been following 3D Car Shows you would have known that the car in Mission Impossible 4 is a BMW i8. You would also have known about the Premier the Car made in New York with Tom Cruise.

You would have known that the car is real and are currently a BMW Concept car. You would have also known some of the technical details about the car if it were something that interests you. Now when you have a conversation about the movie “Mission Impossible” you could have made your conversation so much more interesting by having seen the “BMW Mission Impossible 4” articles on the 3D Car Shows Google+ pages.

You would have also known that the BMW i8 will be on display at the North American International Auto Show and people may have found your conversation interesting.

The Detroit Motor Show

The Detroit motor show provides you with more than 40 cool ideas to talk about. At the NAIAS 2012 Car Show there have been over 40 New Vehicles launched. Having this information at your fingertips via an unobtrusive Google Circle stream is as easy as adding Car Shows to your Google Circles.

To add Car Shows to your Google+ Pages simply click on the

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