Car Show Girls 2014


    Car Show Girls at the Geneva Motor Show


    It is no secret that the Geneva Motor Show showcases some of the most hottest and beautiful cars every year when the show takes place in Geneva Switzerland. The Automotive Manufacturers go all out to impress the audience and the world with the finest cars. Just when one think it is going to be hard to come out with better looking cars, the Automotive Industry comes out and surprises the world with their new stunning designs and concepts!

    In true tradition and it may be sexist but it works, everybody knows that sex sells, and when one place a beautiful girl to a beautiful car it is easy for any man to totally loose it’s head. Making the Car even more beautiful and the girl even hotter!

    This year at the Geneva Motor Show it was no different and there were stunning girls and cars on display! Here is a look at some of the Hot Girls and Cars that were on display in Geneva 2014.

    Images of Car Show Girls


    SEAT Motors provided some spectacular entertainment with the launch of the SEAT Vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show. In the picture above you can see one of the Car Show Girls that formed part of the SEAT Launch at the Geneva Motor Show.


    Lamborghini have a reputation as one of the sexiest super cars on the road, and they impressed with their Car Show Girls and Cars on display!


    Italian Beauty is the only word to display the Lamborghini and the Car Show Girls at the Lamborghini Display at the Geneva Motor Show. I don’t know about you but if I had the cash it would be really hard to say no to a Lamborghini!


    Women may not like it and give Automotive Manufacturers and their husbands a hard time about using girls to sell cars, but it works! There is something about a beautiful car and girl that is just awesome!


    In some studies about colors and the effect it have on people, they have determined that Red makes men go nuts, especially when a beautiful women wears red. Although the Car at the Infiniti stand was red and they car show girl wore black. It is hard to resist the Infiniti Car and Car Show Girl!


    The Red Infiniti Car (Girl) on display at the Geneva Motor Show was one of the Hottest Cars (Girls) at the show!


    Who do you think sells the most cars, a handsome man or a Sexy Women dressed in red?


    In some cases Car Show Girls can even be a distraction… What was the model on display again?


    and the car on display was?


    One of the Ferrari Models on display at the Geneva Motor Show 2014