Volkswagen Car of the Year Motor Trend


The Volkswagen Passat have just been named as the Car of the year 2012 by Motor Trend. The car were selected from 35 vehicles competing for this years award. The announcement are quite significant. The Volkswagen Passat CC is made in the United States of America and are locally produced.

Passat Car of the year

The October issue of Car and Driver Magazine ranked the Passat above other mid-size competition and local dealers said response to the car has been positive. While Volkswagen was displaying their “new” Beetle R “concept” and 2012 VW CC at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

At the time most people did not take to much time to look at the Volkswagen Passat. Untill Angus MacKenzie from the Motor Trend Magazine stepped up and announced the Volkswagen Passat as the “Car of the Year”

Volkswagen recently reported sales success, with 28,028 vehicles sold in October—a 40 percent increase over prior year sales—and leaders said the locally-made Passat is contributing to the positive numbers.


Nationwide, dealers sold 5,040 Passats in October, the most since December 2005.

Volkswagen leaders said the previous model reached about 8 percent of the market, whereas the new model has the potential to reach 80 percent of prospective buyers.

This is exciting news for all Volkswagen and Volkswagen Passat owners!