Car Games How to play the Volvo South Africa Car Game


“Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn – Part 1” Volvo South Africa is currently offering South Africans the opportunity to win their own Volvo S60 T6 R-Design car as part of the launch of the new Twilight movie in South Africa.

The Twilight movie series is one of the most successful series movies ever.

Usually with Series movies the quality of the production gets worse with each release. In the Twilight series each series of movies are just getting better and better.

Here at 3D Car Shows we have tried our hand at the Volvo Twilight Breaking Dawn win a car game. We have done a previous report on the new Twilight Breaking Dawn Car Game by Volvo and from that report we have received various requests for information about how to play the Volvo Twilight Saga Car Game.

In this article we will provide you with a “Cheat Sheet” on how to play the Volvo Car game.

Before you can start playing the Volvo Twilight Breaking Dawn game you need to head over to the Volvo South Africa Facebook page.

Once you are on the Volvo South Africa Facebook page, goto the Welcome page. On the welcome page you will be on the page as in the picture above. Go to the Play Journey to the wedding – This will start this exciting car game by Volvo.

Before you can start playing the Twilight Breaking Dawn game you will need to register with Volvo South Africa. This will provide them with your contact details should you win the game.

Unlike other car games and car competitions. This game is not based on “Luck” to win the new Volvo you need to get the “fastest speed” playing the last game in the Volvo Twilight Breaking Dawn car game.

To qualify to win the Volvo S60 T6 R-Design you need to complete 3 Challenges and get the fastest time completing the last challenge.

Challenge 1: The Twilight Breaking Dawn wedding invitation Car Game challenge:


This is a game of skills and words. You receive an invitation from Bella and Edward to their wedding. unfortunately the letters are scrambled on the invitation and you need to find out what the invitation is saying. In order to proceed to the next challenge you need to click on the words, and drag the word into the correct order on the invitation card.

Once you have discovered the order of the invitation from Edward and Bella the words will light up and you will be allowed to move to the next challenge in the car game.

Challenge 2: Finding the perfect gift for Bella and Edward:


In the second challenge you will need to drive around in the city with your Volvo S60 T6 and look for the shop that carries the perfect gift for the Twilight Breaking Dawn stars.

There is a indicator on the right hand side of your Twilight Breaking Dawn Car Game indicating when you get warmer to finding the shop, where you can buy them the perfect gift!

Challenge 3: Complete the maze the fastest with your Volvo S60 T6 to win a Real Life Brand new Volvo S60 T6


In the last challenge of the Volvo Twilight Breaking Dawn Car Game you need to be the fastest driver in the game. You need to navigate through the maze as fast as possible. The winner with the fastest time will win a brand new Volvo!

* Terms and Conditions Apply – You will find the Terms and Conditions of the Game on the Volvo Facebook page.

Facebook Twilight Breaking Dawn Players speculating what the fastest time for the Twilight Breaking Dawn game are.

The Volvo Facebook page is very active with people trying to find out what the fastest time is for anyone to complete the Twilight Breaking Dawn Challenge 3 Car Game. If you think you have the fastest time, post it to their facebook page.