Canadian Don Hatton completes Day 2 at the Dakar 2013 Rally


    Canadian Don Hatton has successfully completed the second day of the 15 day long Dakar Rally. He has moved up finish the stage 163rd overall in the motorcycle class.

    Don Hatton Dakar 2013

    Today’s stage was from Pisco, Lima and back again. It comprised of a short liaison section of only 85 km but a fairly long 242 km special. The Dakar organizers labled the day “nothing but sand” and they were not wrong. The special stage was comprised of some spectacular scenery of huge sand dunes made up of very soft, fine granulated, wind blown sand. Beutifull to view but very hard to ride a motorcycle in.

    “The bike and the support team are great. The best I have worked with since I started in Dakar racing in 2008” Don says. “The sand is a challenge. It is just never ending. And starting late today at the back of the motorcycles makes it even worse. Not because of the terrain but because the faster of the cars are catching and passing you at what seems 100 mph while I am trying not to get stuck in the sand. It’s just crazy!”

    Days Completed: 2                  Days to go: 13

    Dakar Racing Factoid – things you might not know or thought of :

    When we all travel oversees we tend to get upset stomachs. It is due to a variety of things such as the stress of traveling, different foods and water supplies, heat etc. Known by various names: Montezuma’s Revenge, Delli Belly, etc it is not fun for a traveler to have to miss part of their vacation due to this ailment. But if you are a competitor in the Dakar race that is even more challenging. There is not a lot of restroom accommodations in rural Peru and if nature calls you have to answer it. Immediately. So off you go to try and find a private place, stop, remove all your safety gear and go about your business. Oh did we mention that you are surrounded by crowds of spectators.  Challenging to say the least but then this is Dakar.

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