Camaro comeback


Most motoring enthusiasts will remember the Chevrolet Camaro, a brute machine, the very epitome of American muscle cars. Well, its back and it is looking meaner and better than ever.

Naturally, the legend returns with a powerful 6.0L 8 cylinder engine producing over 300 kW under the hood. GM’s high revving 3.6 litre engine with 200kW on tap will also be offered as an option.

Just like the good old times? Absolutely but the new Camaro also boasts the latest in automotive technology. Essentially the new car combines vintage charm with modern luxuries. To top it off, it sounds vicious. An American muscle car has never sounded this glorious before.

Sub fives’ for the 0-100km/h sprint can be expected from the hemi engine. The hemi means that environmental activists need not be up in arms because up to 4 of the cylinders can be “switched off” when not needed. With only 4 cylinders operating, there is relatively low engine noise, improved fuel consumption and a more steady output of power. Best of all, this provides for a more comfortable, easy ride whenever the driver prefers.

The interior too echoes comfort and a certain ruggedness reminiscent of the original Camaro and the true enthusiast will want to cruise and enjoy the ride almost as much as revving it up for a thrilling sprint.

GM vice chairman Bob Lutz forecast Camaro sales will top 100,000 units a year. In Europe, a convertible will also be available and is likely to boost sales. Lutz also noted that compared to its closets rivals, the Mustang and Dodge Challenger, the Camaro was a premium performance car. The best news though is that this one is likely to reach South Africa, albeit well after 2010.