Businessman of the Year – Sewells Group South Africa

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DR GEORGE NYABADZA, CEO SEWELLS GROUP SOUTH AFRICA: ‘Mastering the “Art and Science” of automotive retailing…’

Reaching a pinnacle of performance in South Africa’s intensively competitive motor business and being adjudged the best-of-the-best in today’s challenging economy, takes enormous commitment and very special skills, said Dr George Nyabadza at the Sewells Group Businessman of the Year awards banquet in Johannesburg last night (Tuesday 10th March).

‘Each of our 17 nominees has had to master the “Art and Science” of automotive retailing in our sub-continent, and each of them would be able to equal or better motor dealers across the world.’

‘The “art” side of that equation is in winning the hearts of customers and dealer staff, and the “science” is exemplified in the eight leadership spheres which produce five distinct models which Sewells Group advocates with its dealer clients in this challenging business sector.’

These models encompass:

  • Achievement of impeccable financials (as typified by the Sewells MRA system)
  • Sustenance of appropriate business practice systems
  • Developing the capacity to deliver and sustain outstanding customer experiences
  • Leadership provided by the dealer principals, and
  • Implementation of an overall strategy and vision for the business

The winners of the 2014 Sewells Group Businessman of the Year announced last evening are:


Large Category – Gerhard van Zyl NTT VW East London


Medium Category – Shaun Scholtz Buffalo Toyota Mthatha


Small Category – Chris Drummond Suzuki Pretoria


The most improved Performance Group member for 2014 is:

Craig Gillesen Eagle Ford Johannesburg

The Sewells Group Businessman of the Year, endorsed by the National Automobile Dealers’ Association, is South Africa’s longest-running measurement of excellence in performance of motor dealers.

Most franchised dealers in South Africa participate in the benchmarking process where Dealership financials and a large range of key statistics are uploaded using the Sewells Online System (eSOS) which then allows dealers to immediately view their own individual results.  Sewells can then view collective industry benchmarks and rate the business achievement reflected in a spread of the key performance indicators (KPI).  Five nominees are then selected in each of the three size categories, and the winners are announced at the prestigious awards banquet.



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