Brian O’Nolan 101st Birthday Google Doodle


    Today October 5, 2012 Google celebrated the birthday of Brian O’Nolan. Brian O’Nolan would have been 101 years old today if he were still alive.

    Brian O Nolan

    “Brian O’Nolan was an Irish novelist, playwright and satirist, considered a major figure in twentieth century Irish literature. Born in Strabane, County Tyrone, he is regarded as a key figure in postmodern literature” – by Wikipedia

    About Brian O’Brien

    Brian O’Brien were also known as Flann O’Brien born on October 5, 1911 and died on the 1st of April 1966.

    O’Brien influenced the science fiction writer and conspiracy theory satirist Robert Anton Wilson, who has Brian  O’Brien’s character De Selby, an obscure intellectual in The Third Policeman and The Dalkey Archive appear in his own The Widow’s Son. In both The Third Policeman and The Widow’s Son, De Selby is the subject of long pseudo-scholarly footnotes. This is fitting, because O’Brien himself made free use of characters invented by other writers, claiming that there were too many fictional characters as is. O’Brien was also known for pulling the reader’s leg by concocting elaborate conspiracy theories.

    In 2011 the ‘100 Myles: The International Flann O’Brien Centenary Conference’ (24–27 July) was held at The Department of English Studies at the University of Vienna, the success of which led to the establishment of ‘The International Flann O’Brien Society’.

    In October 2011, Trinity College Dublin hosted a weekend of events celebrating the centenary of his birth. A commemorative 55c stamp featuring a portrait of O’Nolan’s head as drawn by his brother Micheál Ó Nualláinworth


    was issued for the same occasion. This occurred some 52 years after the writer’s famous criticism of the Irish postal service. A bronze sculpture of the writer stands outside the Palace Bar on Dublin’s Fleet Street. Kevin Myers gushed “Had Myles escaped he might have become a literary giant.” Fintan O’Toole said of Nolan “he could have been a celebrated national treasure – but he was far too radical for that.” An award winning radio play by Albrecht Behmel called Is this your bicycle, Mr. O’Brien? brought his life and work to the attention of a broader German audience in 2003.

    O’Nolan has also been semi-seriously referred to as a “scientific prophet” in relation to his writings on thermodynamics, quaternion theory and atomic theory.

     Brian O’Nolan Google Doodle

    On the 5th of October Google displayed a Google Doodle of Brian O’Nolan on their Google Ireland Search Engine. The Google Doodle were symbolic of the live and legacy of Brian O’Nolan. Showing his typewriter, images from his stories. In the Google Doodle you can see a bicycle, typewriter, police hat, saw and hammer etc.