Johannesburg, May 8, 2013 – Brembo, the world leader in design and production of high performance brake systems, has launched its innovative Brake System Academy to the South African automotive aftermarket.

    The Italian company, which officially entered the South African market last year with its extensive range of premium brake pads and discs, presented its interactive, digital handbook for aftermarket professionals at Automechanika in Johannesburg this week.

    Brembo executive Francesco Aresi explained: “Brembo’s objectives are to get closer to the market, to be more accessible to all the operators in the automotive aftermarket sector, to improve the level of interaction and to encourage feedback from customers.  Our Brake System Academy is our way of sharing our unique wealth of skills in the brakes sector and providing spare parts professionals with new tools and initiatives.

    “The training DVD is an interactive, digital handbook for aftermarket professionals that groups together Brembo’s experience and know-how acquired in 50 years of partnership with the most prestigious car manufacturers worldwide and the most successful stables in the world of racing.”

    The Brembo Brake System Academy DVD incorporates in-depth technical explanations, special features, 3D images and augmented reality that revolutionise the very concept of training. The DVD can be accessed by individuals all over the world and is available in 20 languages. The success of the Brake System Academy is part of the larger Brembo training programme, which for years has involved tens of trainers in Europe (Italy, Germany, France, England, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, the Netherlands, the Balkan States), Asia (China, Australia and Southeast Asia) and America (United States and Mexico).

    Feedback from thousands of participants in all these countries stated that they were extremely satisfied with the overall programme, while the demand for dedicated training sessions continues to grow. These requests also come from many technical institutes that have decided to choose the Brembo training programme.

    Brembo does not regard training as an isolated service, but as a constant, updated tool at the service of the technician during his everyday work. With this objective in mind, in 2011 Brembo launched the technical website This is a platform providing assembly instructions for brake system components, which are also available on video; targeted information relating to specific systems, accompanied by diagrams and detailed instructions; practical advice on servicing and on the prevention of critical issues that can jeopardize the reliable operation of systems and adversely affect driving comfort.

    There are also 3D images of single components, animated using AR technology, which allow the user to move and reposition the product on the screen exactly as if it were being handled physically.

    Brembo’s aftermarket strategy is to deliver total customer satisfaction, by maintaining a more tangible presence on the ground and achieving still greater geographical penetration. In a bid to meet every possible need of the aftermarket customer, Brembo is increasingly intent on placing its experience and expertise at the service of the parts market, and also extending the range of all components for braking systems. With this in mind, Brembo brake pads reflect the outcome of research and development conducted in collaboration with the world’s leading auto makers and offer the maximum obtainable today in terms of product quality.

    A new global reference point for performance, comfort, reliability and durability, these Brembo products carry a promise of dependability and competitiveness that guarantees the right balance of engineering and marketability in pads for all makes of car.

    The Brembo brake pads programme offers:

    • a catalogue of around 1 200 part numbers
    • more than 100 new p/ns every year
    • a range of pads individually ECE-R90 type-approved, as per European regulations