Breaking News on Google: Where is Santa Clause?

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With the excitement of the New Google Doodle playing wishing the world Happy Holidays, the Jingle Bells song when you click on the Christmas Lights below the Google Logo. The automatic redirect to the Happy Holidays page, it might be easy to miss some important details on the Google FrontPage.

Follow Santa on Christmas Eve

Could it be that the Search Giant Google are capable of Finding Santa?

Where is Santa?

If you look below the Google Logo on the Google FrontPage you will notice, words that have never been there before. It clearly says “Follow Santa this Christmas Eve” on Google Maps. Is it possible that the Search Engine Giant have the technologies to finally answer the age old question of where is Santa Clause.

Santa Clause is believed to live in the North Pole

Traditionally it is believed that Santa Clause lives in the North Pole. It is believe that Santa Clause and his elves spend the whole year to prepare Christmas Gifts for Children all over the world. Tradition has it that Santa Clause knows which Children have been good. He then delivers the gifts he and his elves made during the year to Children all over the world on Christmas Eve!

Where is Santa

Where is Santa Clause at the moment? Santa Clause is still at the North Pole only on Christmas Eve he will be all over the world. Delivering Christmas presents, with the NORAD tracking and Google Maps systems we can now track Where Santa is.

Is Santa Clause Real?

This has been a question that many kids have asked over the years. Many people especially grownups will deny that Santa is Real. They live in a busy world where there is no time for make-believe or they forget what it has been like to be a kid. We here at 3D Car Shows believe that Santa Clause is real.

Santa Clause lives in the hearts of Kids and Grownups at Christmas time. For a short time they believe with their hearts that Santa Clause is real.

What it NORAD and where is Santa?

Norad are the air defence command for Canada and the United States of America. It is a Government Militatry Instutution for the Air Defence command between Canada and the USA. The organization have been formed in 1958 and have had the traditionan to track Santa.

It is believed that Santa and his Sleigh and Reindeer Fly on Christmas eve all over the world to deliver presents to Good Boys and Girls over the world. Since Santa is not a treat to anyone. Norad are using this opportunity to Track the Goodwill Santa brings to the hearts of people during the Christmas period!

Norad have some of the most powerful Radar systems in the world to track Santa Clause flight. If there is someone beeing able to track Santa this Christmas and if you would like to know where is Santa – Then it makes sense to turn to NORAD to find out where Santa is!

Google Maps: Where is Santa

This past few years Google have created and launched one of the most powerful and detailed maps of the world. One can view plain old maps in google, or use the Google Earth Map System that will show you satelite images of the area you are interested in. You can zoom in and out of the Google Maps and event go to Street view in the Google Maps which provides you with 360 Degree images of the area you would like to see.

If there is a company that can track the wereabouts of Santa clause then it is Google. The Google maps system are used to easily and effectively tell millions of people this here Where Santa is and will be.

Tonight is the big night to find out and monitor where Santa Clause is.

Where is Santa Clause?

Well the answer is simple! – Go to the Norad site and Track Santa and find out for yourself. The Norad site provides a complete interactive experience for kids to play at while waiting for the “Where is Santa Now” campaign to start!

Where is Santa Google Maps

If you are a kid that whant’s to know where is Santa Clause, go to the Norad site and keep tabs on Santa while playing the stunning Christmas games on the Norad site.

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