Breaking News Google: Forget Let it Snow Check out Happy Holidays


    Tonight I am simply filled with awe at the length at which Google have gone this Christmas with its Season Greetings. It truly brought joy and happiness to my heart tonight when I opened the Google front page and were greeted by a new Google Doodle.

    Happy Holidays 2011

    This time the Google doodle display the Google Christmas Lights and Google Decorations that we have seen in the Google special Christmas Searches like when you search for “Christmas”, “Christmas Cards” and “Santa”.

    When I first searched for the “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” feature in Google I thought that it were a bit quite without the Let it snow song playing. I even went so far as to create a video about the “Let it Snow” campaign and added the original let it snow song of Frank Sinatra to the Video.

    Tonight I feel like a kid, waiting on the next thing Google is going to do. Yesterday Google had the “Happy Holidays” message as a doodle, and I thought yeah right keep it plain and simple, the plainer the message, the more meaning to the message.

    In fact “Happy Holidays” is almost the Ultimate kind of message that you can give someone over the Holidays season. If you are happy you have almost everything that you can wish for!

    So far Google seems to launch the one surprise after the other surprise this Christmas Season. It is truly turning into “happy holidays” for me. I almost do not want to go sleep as I am afraid that I am going to miss something.

    Gmail Send a Call From Santa

    Another Cools service Google Launched this week is the Gmail Send a Call from Santa. The Gmail powered service from Google allows you to send a

    Free Santa Christmas Card

    to your friends and loved one’s!

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