Brazil vs Chile


    Brazil vs Chile World Cup 2014 Google Doodle #37


    If you have been following the World Cup 2014 you will know that it is the Brazil vs Chile game today. The game starts at 13:00 Local Time and is going to be played at the Estádio Mineirão (Stadium) in Belo Horizonte Brazil, South America.

    The Estádio Mineirão was constructed in 1965 and have a fan capacity of just over Fifty Eight Thousand people. The temperature is ideal at 26C with a 45% humidity and partially cloudy providing an ideal playing field for today’s game. The referee for the match is Howard Webb from England and the assistant referees also from England Michael Mullarkey, Darren Cann and Felix Brych from Germany.

    At this time the teams are fairly evenly matched and it is hard to say who is going to win the game Brazil vs Chile, although I believe that Brazil playing on home geound have the best chance to win the game today!

    The Brazil vs Chile Google Doodle


    The Brazil vs Chile Doodle sums up the anticipation of the game brilliantly. At the moment things are very even and Google have incorporated it into the Google Doodle with Brazilians going crazy for Brazil and Chile going crazy for the Chile soccer team. They have done it cleverly kicking the ball from Brazil to Chile!

    All we can say is “Viva Chile and Brazil- may the best team win!”