Bram Stoker books today’s Dracula Google Doodle


Today if you visit the Google Homepage you will be greeted with the 165th Birthday Google Doodle of Bram Stoker.  If you do not know who Bram Stoker is you only need to look at the Google Doodle to guess why Google is celebrating his life and legacy today.

Bram Stoker Books

Bram Stoker wrote Dracula

Bram Stoker is most famous today for the novel he wrote about Dracula in 1897. He was from Irish descent and was born in Dublin on the 8th of November 1847 and passed away on the 20th of April 1912. This year it is exactly 100 years ago that he passed away and may be another reason why Google selected Bram Stoker to be honored with a Google Doodle.

About Dracula

The first Dracula Novel were published as a hard cover book in 1897 although Bram Stoker did not invent  the vampire, he defined its modern form, and the novel has spawned numerous theatrical, film and television interpretations.

The story of Dracula has been the basis for numerous films and plays. Stoker himself wrote the first theatrical adaptation, which was presented at the Lyceum Theatre under the title Dracula, or The Undead shortly before the novel’s publication and performed only once.

Popular films include Dracula (1931), Dracula (alternative title: The Horror of Dracula) (1958), and Dracula (also known as Bram Stoker’s Dracula) (1992). Dracula was also adapted as Nosferatu (1922), a film directed by the German director F.W. Murnau, without permission from Stoker’s widow; the filmmakers attempted to avoid copyright problems by altering many of the details, including changing the name of the villain to “Count Orlok”.

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Although not completely “Dracula” the film series Twilight have taken vampires to the next level. Even the Volvo corporation got involved when Edward drove a Volvo in the series.

Thanks to Bram Stoker and his books, we still have vampires today!