BRABUS 850 6.0 Biturbo WIDESTAR at the Dubai Motor Show 2015


BRABUS 850 6.0 Biturbo WIDESTAR at the Dubai Motor Show 2015

Middle East premiere at the DUBAI INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW 2015 BRABUS 850 6.0 Biturbo WIDESTAR The new exclusive power off-roader based on the Mercedes G 63 625 kW / 850 HP, 1,450 Nm, 0 – 100 km/h in 4.0 seconds, a top speed of 260 km/h and a thrilling widebody version with 23-inch wheels BRABUS 850 6.0 […]

  • Middle East premiere at the DUBAI INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW 2015
  • BRABUS 850 6.0 Biturbo WIDESTAR
  • The new exclusive power off-roader based on the Mercedes G 63 625 kW / 850 HP, 1,450 Nm, 0 – 100 km/h in 4.0 seconds, a top speed of 260 km/h and a thrilling widebody version with 23-inch wheels

BRABUS 850 6.0 Biturbo WIDESTAR: That is the new exclusive power off-roader based on the Mercedes G 63, which celebrates its Middle East premiere at the DUBAI INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW 2015. The SUV is powered by a BRABUS 850 6.0 twin-turbo V8 increased-displacement engine rated at 625 kW / 850 HP (838 bhp), which produces a peak torque of 1,450 Nm (1,069 lb-ft). Despite weighing 2,550 kilograms, the all-wheel-drive car sprints from rest to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.0 seconds. The top speed is limited electronically to 260 km/h (162 mph).


Visually, the power off-roader impresses with its striking BRABUS WIDESTAR widebody and its new 23-inch BRABUS “PLATINUM EDITION” Monoblock Y forged wheels. The BRABUS Dynamic Ride Control suspension delivers a perfect blend of outstanding ride quality and dynamic handling. Exclusive options for the interior round off the product range for the latest BRABUS evolution of the Mercedes G-Class.

BRABUS (Brabus-Allee, D-46240 Bottrop, phone + 49 / (0) 2041 / 777-0, fax + 49 / (0) 2041 / 777 111, Internet www.brabus.com) offers the world’s most extensive lineup of engine tuning for Mercedes-Benz automobiles – of course, all backed by the one-of-a-kind BRABUS Tuning Warranty of three years, up to 100,000 kilometers/62,000 miles (see BRABUS Warranty Terms and Conditions, updated July 2013). One of the key philosophies of the BRABUS power unit engineers is the old adage that the best substitute for displacement is more displacement.


The ultra-powerful BRABUS 850 6.0 twin-turbo eight-cylinder increased-displacement engine is now available following an extensive development and testing phase. This engine was previously only available in the BRABUS supercars based on the CLS-, E-, SL- and S-Class and now comes in the body of the G-Class as well.

The displacement is increased from standard 5,461 cc to 5,912 cc (333 to 361 cu in) by boring out the cylinders in the state-of-the-art BRABUS engine shop and installing eight forged pistons with a diameter of 99 millimeters (4 in). They are connected to a precision-balanced billet crankshaft with a stroke of 96 millimeters (3.8 in) instead of normally 90.5 millimeters (3.6 in) by special billet piston rods. In addition, both cylinder heads are optimized for gas flow.

The engine peripherals are also upgraded with BRABUS high-performance components. The two production turbos are replaced by turbochargers with larger compressor units and modified exhaust manifolds. To lower the charge air temperatures further, the carbon intake and charge-air pipes are partially fitted with BRABUS Gold Heat Reflection sheathing that immediately catches the eye.


In addition, the BRABUS engine specialists developed a special 850 intake module for this conversion that includes an air filter box with enlarged intake cross-section. To this end, a hood scoop, available in a checkered flag design or with a naked carbon finish, is integrated into the hood. It features slits in its front and rear as well as a sophisticated air deflector system to supply the engine with air.

Metal catalysts and a BRABUS sports exhaust system complete the increased-displacement engine on the exhaust side. Thanks to integrated actively controlled butterfly valves, the driver can switch between a throaty V8 sound in “Sport” mode and a subtle whisper in “Coming Home” mode. The stainless exhaust system is also a visual treat: with dual tailpipes on either side in front of the rear wheels, either plated with standard or black chrome, the exhaust also adds some thrilling visual highlights.

The BRABUS engine and electronics engineers ensured that all high-performance components are coordinated by the electronic engine management system with maximum efficiency. They focused not only on outstanding power delivery. The top priorities in the performance specifications for the development engineers also included maximum durability and exemplary emissions.


A displacement of 6 liters in concert with two turbochargers results in another BRABUS engine in a class of its own. An output of 625 kW / 850 HP (838 bhp) at a low 5,400 rpm is just as much a reference value for cross-country vehicles as is the gigantic peak torque of 1,450 Nm (1,069 lb-ft), on tap between 2,500 and 4,500 rpm.

Like all BRABUS components, this high-performance engine, which like the entire powertrain is operated exclusively with high-performance lubricants from technology partner MOTUL, is backed by the one-of-a-kind BRABUS Tuning Warranty of three years, up to 100,000 kilometers/62,000 miles (see BRABUS Warranty terms and Conditions, updated July 2013).

The combination of ultra-powerful BRABUS 850 6.0 twin-turbo increased-displacement engine, SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC transmission with ergonomic BRABUS aluminum paddle shifters on the steering wheel and permanent all-wheel drive delivers a performance level previously thought to be more realistic for a sports car than for a mighty SUV. The all-wheel-drive car launches itself from rest to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.0 seconds. The BRABUS Vmax unit, which is part of the engine tuning, limits the top speed electronically to 260 km/h (162 mph) to protect the tires.

At these speeds, a wider track is also beneficial and consequently the BRABUS supercar is equipped with a thrilling WIDESTAR widebody. The strikingly styled fender flares add 12 centimeters to the width of the body and thereby offer space for huge 23-inch king-sized forged wheels.

The show car in Dubai was refined with the new BRABUS Monoblock Y “PLATINUM EDITION” wheel design – in this case painted black and adorned with white pin stripe elements. The 11Jx23 wheel features nine pairs of polished double spokes that extend all the way to the outer edge and form nine “Ys.” These wheels offer an outstanding blend of lightweight construction and maximum strength. BRABUS technology partners Continental, Pirelli or YOKOHAMA supply the perfect high-performance tires of size 305/35 R 23. As an alternative, the three BRABUS Monoblock designs E evo, F and R are also available as forged wheels in this size.

The 23-inch wheels make full use of the space created in the wheel wells by the fender flares. The strikingly styled BRABUS fender attachments, which transition to the front doors, lend the SUV an appearance with strong recognition value from the side as well. The LEDS integrated into the front and rear WIDESTAR fenders are activated when a door handle or the keyless-entry remote is operated and illuminate the running boards. In addition, the braces of the fender flares are then also illuminated.

The BRABUS front spoiler attaches to the production bumper and together with the new LED lights characterizes the face of the off-roader. The BRABUS logotypes integrated on both sides also light up together with the entrance lights. An additional panel below the radiator grille adds further to the enhanced passing prestige of the widened G-Class model. There is also a special insert with integrated BRABUS logo for the radiator grille.

To make the front unmistakable, BRABUS upgrades the 850 WIDESTAR supercar further with black-tinted xenon headlamps and LED daytime running lights. The latter feature an integrated turn signal function and thus eliminate the need for the original turn signals on top of the fenders. They are replaced with precisely fitting covers made from naked carbon.

The powerful design idiom of the BRABUS WIDESTAR version with stylized underride guard continues in the rear bumper. Apart from a central reflector, the WIDESTAR bumper features an integrated LED fog lamp and an LED backup lamp on either side. The station wagon version of the G-Class can be upgraded with a BRABUS roof spoiler in addition.

The BRABUS 850 WIDESTAR is equipped with the innovative Ride Control suspension for a perfect blend of high ride quality and safe, sporty handling. This BRABUS high-tech suspension system is available for all G-Class models. It was developed in cooperation with technology partner BILSTEIN and features power adjustable shock absorbers with two selectable settings.

The aluminum button with BRABUS logo and blue illumination on the center stack lets the driver choose manually from two setups. The off-roader offers an exemplary ride quality in comfort position. At higher speeds and for spirited driving, choosing the firmer sports setup results in more dynamic handling and even further bolstered safety reserves. In addition, the BRABUS Ride Control suspension features automatic damper adjustment. When the vehicle sensors detect that certain parameters such as speed, lateral acceleration and steering angle might lead to a critical handling situation, the system automatically switches to the firmer sports setup within milliseconds. The sportier damper settings then increase the handling stability of the all-wheel-drive car further. In return, the CAN controller also detect when the driver reverts to a more moderate driving style. It then switches the shock absorbers back to the comfort position.

The cockpit can of course also be customized with exclusive appointments and features. Stainless-steel scuff plates with backlit BRABUS logo welcome the passengers. Other attractive accessories are aluminum BRABUS pedals and door-lock pins.

The company upholstery shop created a bright red BRABUS fine leather interior with arrow-shaped quilting pattern and white ornamental seams for this black supercar. In addition, the entire floor was carpeted with fine leather. Embroidered “850” logos on the front head restraints signal the presence of the ultra-powerful engine in the interior as well. A headliner made from high-class Alcantara complements the especially soft and breathable BRABUS Mastik leather.

Fuel economy, CO2 emissions and efficiency class:

BRABUS 850 6.0 Biturbo WIDESTAR based on the Mercedes G 63: city 17.2 l/100 km, highway 11.8 l/100 km, combined: 13.8 l/100 km. Combined CO2 emissions: 322 g/km, efficiency class G.

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Published : Tuesday November 10, 2015

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