Europcar urges customers to book in advance for Christmas trips


As the weeks countdown to Christmas, Europcar, the leading provider of car hire in Europe is urging customers who need a vehicle for the festive season to book early.  The company is advising that the earlier customers book, the better the rate they can secure – as well as ensuring they get the vehicle type they need.

Traditionally one of the busiest periods for car hire, vehicles can be in great demand around Christmas.  Europcar is therefore urging customers to start thinking early if they want to ensure they have the vehicle they need.

Ken McCall, Managing Director, Europcar UK Group, comments “Although we’ve only just turned the clocks back, we’re already seeing a high demand for cars over the holiday season.  The cold blast we’ve just experienced across the country is also a timely reminder that families may need to hire to ensure they have a car they can rely on for the Christmas travels.

“By booking early, customers can not only ensure they get the vehicle they need, but also the best possible rate, as these can depend on availability.”

Whether it’s hiring a larger vehicle to travel with the whole family during Christmas holidays, using a van to help move lots of items around, or even just wanting a bit more comfort, Europcar offers a wide choice of vehicles.

As the UK’s leading car and van rental company, it has a network of over 200 locations across the UK and the widest choice of vehicles, all on average less than 6 months old.

McCall concludes, “Christmas can be a demanding time of year for families.  With all the shopping and general logistics of organising everyone, having a vehicle that is too small, might breakdown or simply cannot make it through wintery conditions could spell disaster. Therefore having a larger, more comfortable, and most importantly reliable, vehicle can be a real help.

“By booking with Europcar, customers can ensure they get the right vehicle at the right price, and ensure a merry Christmas.”