Mean GreenWorld-record breaking truck driver Boije Ovebrink was formally presented with a diploma from the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) last week to officially acknowledge his hybrid truck speed records.

Kenneth Thoren, vice president of Svenska Bilsportförbundet (Swedish motor sports association), personally handed over the diploma in a brief ceremony held at Volvo Trucks’ global headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks EMEA, was also in attendance to formally congratulate Overbrink on his achievement.

The new world speed records were set at the Wendover Airfield in Utah, USA on 27th April 2012. Driving ‘Mean Green’, his Volvo hybrid truck, Boije Ovebrink broke both his previous world records for fastest speed in a hybrid truck. The new speed records were: Flying Kilometre -236.577 km/h (147.002 mph) and Standing Kilometre – 153.252 km/h (95.245 mph).

The diploma from the FIA, the international governing body for world motor sport, means that the speeds achieved in Utah last April are now officially approved and recognised as world records.

“Often the process for authorising a world record takes 3-4 months, but this time it only took six weeks,” claimed Boije Ovebrink at the ceremony. “So you could say everything has been done at world record speed – even the admin !”