BMW X5 Commercial


Munich. The latest generation of the BMW X5, which  founded the segment for Sports Activity Vehicles and is global market  leader in its class, stars in a new TV commercial with a sense of  humour. The ad features a series of follow-on scenarios that show in a  slightly ironic way how a BMW X5 earns respect.


The television commercial shows the new BMW X5 driving through a  deserted landscape to a crossroads, where it encounters a large gang  of leather-clad bikers – who promptly come to a stop and give way. The  camera then cuts to the BMW X5 driving through a busy city by night,  where a colourful parade of dancers and fire-eaters also respectfully  makes way. Following an impressive flight over the mountains, the  camera catches up with a train the new BMW X5 is travelling parallel  to – until the powerful locomotive slows to a halt to allow the car to  pass. The BMW X5 finally reaches a stretch of rapids: since the water  obviously refuses to stop for it, the BMW X5 ultimately ploughs right  through. An off-screen voice remarks: “Respect isn’t commanded. It’s earned.”

The third generation of the BMW X5 raises the bar for powerful  design, luxurious interior comfort, modern versatility and high  efficiency. The striking new design and enhanced sportiness of the new  BMW X5 in both urban and off-road settings are portrayed very  effectively in the commercial.

The commercial will be shown in the following countries: Italy, the  United States of America, Canada, Japan and South Africa.

The ad was realised by the agency kbs+, New York.