BMW R 1200 GS Equipment program

Published by Gerald Ferreira Date: October 4, 2012
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Options and special accessories for a wide range of customisation opportunities.
BMW R 1200 GS Equipment

An even more comprehensive BMW Motorrad program of options and special accessories will be available for further customisation of the new R 1200 GS in future.

Options are supplied directly ex works and are integrated in the production process. Special accessories are installed by the BMW Motorrad dealer or by customers themselves. These are features which can also be retrofitted.


  • ASC (Automatic Stability Control) and ride modes.
  • Tyre pressure control (RDC).
  • Semiactive suspension Dynamic ESA.
  • Preparation for navigation unit.
  • Alarm system.
  • Heated grips.
  • White LED white turn indicators.
  • Exhaust system, chrome-plated.
  • Rider’s seat, low (820 mm).
  • Lowered suspension.
  • Cross-spoke wheels.
  • LED headlight with daytime running light.
  • Daytime running light.
  • On-board computer PRO.
  • Case holder left/right.
  • Hand protector
  • Cruise control.

Active package.

  • ASC and ride modes.
  • Cruise control.
  • Daytime running light.

Comfort package.

  • Case holder left/right.
  • White LED turn indicators.
  • Hand protectors.
  • RDC.

Touring package.

  • Dynamic ESA.
  • Case holder left/right.
  • Exhaust system chrome-plated.
  • Heated grips.
  • On-board computer PRO.
  • White LED turn indicators.
  • Hand protectors.
  • Preparation for navigation unit.

Dynamic package.

  • Dynamic ESA.
  • ASC.
  • Ride modes.
  • Preparation for navigation unit.
  • LED headlight.
  • LED white turn indicators.
  • On-board computer PRO.

Special accessories.


  • Enduro crash bars.
  • Enduro engine guard.
  • Safety screw for oil filler neck.
  • Alarm system.
  • Headlight guard (for off-road use only).
  • Hand protectors.

Storage program.

  • Vario case left/right.
  • Vario topcase.
  • Topcase holder for luggage carrier.
  • Luggage carrier instead of passenger seat.
  • Liners for Vario case.
  • Liner for Vario topcase.
  • Back pads for Vario topcase.
  • Case holder for Vario case.
  • Tank rucksack large, waterproof.
  • Tank rucksack small, waterproof.


  • White LED turn indicators.
  • LED additional headlight.


  • Akrapović sports silencer .

Ergonomics and comfort.

  • Rallye seat with luggage panel (890 mm, not adjustable).
  • Rider’s seat (850 / 870 mm).
  • Rider’s seat, (830 / 850 mm).
  • Rider’s seat high (870mm / 890 mm).
  • Footbrake lever, adjustable.
  • Rider footrests with sprung interior panel, adjustable.
  • Wide footrests.
  • Windshield, tinted.
  • Heated grips.

Navigation and communication.

  • BMW Motorrad Navigator IV.
  • Function Navigator pouch.

Maintenance and technology.

  • Additional power socket.
  • LED lamp for charging socket.
  • On-board toolkit.
  • Paddock stand.
  • Battery charger.
  • Lock barrel repair kit.

BMW Motorrad rider´s equipment matching vehicle paint finishes.

  • Enduro helmet.
  • Rallye suit.
  • Rallye gloves.
  • Rallye GS Pro boots.
  • GS Dry suit.
  • GS Dry gloves.

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